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The Unfettered


In development

In this upcoming title, players will immerse into a kingdom inhabited by gods. The following game development path is to be considered within The Unfettered DAO. The devs promise AA quality with a cutting-edge graphic engine and rich narrative.

Minimum NFT requirement


Minimum investment


Current status and How to start

Already present on Steam, the game is in development now, with the alpha release expected in a few months. To start playing, you will need a Windows PC and a multi-chain wallet like Metamask. No initial investments are required.

Game Lore

Imagine an old kingdom ruled by Gods, who are challenged by Death trying to kill them via a young girl. Meanwhile, this girl is fearless and hard to control. Thus, she tries to discover why Death and the Gods confront each other.

Gameplay and Mechanics

The Dark-Souls-like gameplay enables users to travel around the open world and fight various creatures with swords and axes. Users explore different locations, eliminate bosses, and learn the story. One's strength depends on weapons, potions, and nostrums.

NFT Types

In its initial version, The Unfettered will use Ethereum (minted NFTs) and Binance Smart Chain (in-game tokens $SOULS). $SOULS will be used for such the in-game marketplace's transactions as:

  • buying and selling in-game items;
  • repairing in-game equipment;
  • participating in the governance mechanism;
  • earning passive income by staking tokens.

Moreover, The Unfettered will have a deflationary system to reduce the inflation of $SOULS and keep the token stable. There will be three burn mechanisms:

  • character's Death;
  • equipment wear;
  • weekly burns.

$SOULS help to fix damaged equipment and revive dead characters. Meanwhile, to keep the model deflationary, the certain amount of $SOULS is burnt weekly.

How To Earn

$SOULS are the main profits. Earn them by defeating NPCs in the PvE mode and other players in the PvP mode. The higher the level of the defeated boss, the higher the rewards in $SOULS a player will get. Missions, leaderboards, and weekly quests bring additional $SOULS weekly. Their amount depends on market metrics. Besides, one can earn while completing secret activities. Later, one will be able to profit by reselling items. When the land NFTs are available, each parcel will represent virtual lands on the game map, enabling players to earn $SOULS through different in-game revenue models or reselling it. Staking $SOULS is one more fit option to earn. To control inflation and prevent cheating, the unique $SOULS mechanism limits the number of tokens a player can earn weekly.

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