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Tiny World


Released on March, 2022

Tiny World is a P2E game where users are welcome to uncover over a hundred Tiny Hero NFTs and complete numerous tasks to earn on a fantastic RPG journey.

Minimum NFT requirement

1 Hero

Minimum investment



Tiny World's ecosystem includes Tiny Farm, Tiny Kingdom, Tiny DAO and Tiny Dungeons.

  • Tiny Farm includes a series of DeFi elements such as Yield Aggregator, Liquidity Mining, Staking, NFT Farming, NFT Market etc.
  • Tiny Kingdom is an idle trading game, where players can combat against enemies to obtain resources and crystals. The battle system is completely automatic, and the amount of materials earned depends on heroes' attributes.
  • Tiny Dungeons is a tower defense game, where players can buy NFT land, build, defend their own dungeons, and loot rewards from other dungeons with successful attacks.
  • Tiny DAO is a governance platform. A portion of TinyDAO’s revenue will be distributed to players who lock up TINC and hold veTINC (stands for voting escrow TINC, which is the voting token for Tiny World and can only be obtained by locking TINC in the gaming pool).
How To Setup

Tiny World is built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which means you need to add this network to your wallet.


Here are BSC settings for Metamask:

Network Name: Smart Chain


Chain ID: 56

Currency: BNB



Gas fees


Tiny Kingdom is an off-chain game. Thus, there are no gas fees for such in-game transactions as upgrading equipment.


Gas fees are paid for such blockchain transactions as depositing tokens, transferring Tiny Heroes, and checking in.

Gas fees on Binance Smart Chain are paid in BNB and are relatively small: $0,5 worth of BNB is enough for a long time.

Learn how to get cryptocurrency here.

How To Start

You need to have at least one hero. Luckily enough, you get one hero for free for 10 battles.

However, to uncover the full gaming potential, you need to obtain 3 heroes.


There are 6 classes of heroes, and all of them, except the rarest one, are available for purchase. The floor prices vary from $2 for a typical hero to $80-90 for a legend.

You can purchase a specific hero via NFT marketplaces, for example, via PROM (check out Tiny World NFTs on this page)

Another way to obtain a hero is to purchase a summoning rune at the Tiny Farm platform (which costs about $3-4 and summon a hero of random quality.

With a summoning rune, you will have an 11% chance of getting a high class hero (SR - 8%, SSR - 2,5%, SSSR - 0,5%) and 89% to get a low cost hero (N-64%, R-25%)

How To Earn

There are different ways to earn in Tiny World, mainly associated with the game DeFi features:

  1. Yield farming in Tiny Farm
  2. Participating in Tiny Farm mining to earn DeFi rewards
  3. Collecting and trading Tiny NFTs
  4. Staking Token to get benefits via playing and voting
  5. Playing Tiny games to win leaderboard prizes


Most likely you will profit from trading materials and equipment acquired in battles.

Materials are the basic goods of Tiny Kingdom. All kinds of equipment are made out of materials.

Materials and equipment are traded for BUSD in the in-game marketplace and at PROM.


The stronger the hero, the higher the quality (and the price) of the materials they acquire. Besides that, the amount of earned items grows as a hero upgrades.


Given your initial investment is about $4 (the floor price of a hero), you will receive ordinary materials that have a floor price of approximately $0.05, and they will be limited to 1 item for a hero per battle.

Playing with one common hero for 1 hour, you can earn a dozen of items.


To get rare materials (floor price about $0.2), you need to collect 10 castles by killing 100 enemies in a battle. This is impossible without upgrading the level and the number of heroes.


Mind that selling materials and equipment you earned may take time. To speed up the processes, we recommend you sell Tiny World items at PROM.

How To Fight

The battle process is completely automatic, so the game doesn't take much time.


Press the button "Combat" to start an idle game. Your heroes will be fighting with enemies without your supervision. For each 10 killed enemies you get 1 castle.

There is no need to keep the game open for the battle to continue. Even if the game is closed, the battle will play automatically until you come back and click on the “retreat” button.


The more castles you earn, the better material you get:

  • 10 castles - green (R)
  • 100 - blue (SR)
  • 300 - purple (SSR)
  • 500 - red (SSSR)



Tiny Hero NFTs are a sensational series of ERC-1155 standard NFT assets based on historical figures from across the globe!

There are 6 classes of heroes:

  • N
  • R (Unique)
  • SR (Master)
  • SSR (Epic)
  • SSSR (Legend)
  • UR

N, R, and SR heroes are unlimited and used more to upgrade high-class Heroes. SSR, SSSR, and UR heroes are issued in limited editions. Thus, each class representatives can be minted only in a certain number.


Heroes can be upgraded from level 1 (unless you purchase a higher level directly from the marketplace) to the maximum their class can reach.

You can check each different class’s upgrade path here.


Boosting the Hero’s level will:

  • Increase the total power of the Hero
  • Upgrade game attributes in Tiny Kingdom
  • Gift Tiny Hero with enhanced equipment to wear in Tiny Kingdom
  • Enable you to increase your Hero Title in Tiny Kingdom
  • Increase the Hero's sale value


Heroes gain experience points via fighting in battles. Each monster killed gives 1 experience point. When the experience bar is full, the Hero can be upgraded by consuming crystals.

The Hero NFT Level in Tiny Farm is the maximum level a Hero can achieve in Tiny Kingdom. For example, all of your Tiny Hero NFTs are level 4 in Tiny Farm. Thus, the maximum level they can reach in Tiny Kingdom is 4.

Attack, Defense, and Luck are Hero's attributes used when fighting in Tiny Kingdom. They help to reduce damage or boost rewards.



Tinymon are ERC-721 standard NFTs, obtained through hatching Genesis Tinymon eggs and breeding between 2 Tinymon. Tinymon can be transferred to Tiny Kingdom to provide a bonus effect for Tiny Heroes. Each Tinymon has a unique appearance, meanwhile the bonus attributes and characteristics used in combat and PVP gameplay will also have some randomness.



SPIRIT is a BEP-1155 standard NFT and will play an important role in Tiny World ecosystem.

  • SPIRIT can be used to replenish Tiny Hero NFT’s energy.
  • SPIRIT can be used to enhance the combat power of Tiny Hero NFTs.(Coming soon)
  • SPIRIT can be traded in the market.
  • Other application scenarios are also coming soon.

How to get SPIRIT:

  • SPIRIT can be obtained from the weekly Tiny Lord leaderboard.
  • SPIRIT can be obtained from the 7-day check-in event.
  • SPIRIT can be obtained through giveaway events and other community campaigns.
  • SPIRIT can be obtained from special Tiny Kingdom leaderboard.
Materials & Equipment

Materials are the basic goods in Tiny Kingdom. Materials can be used to make different equipment or traded at the in-game marketplace.

Tiny Kingdom has a huge equipment library with 8 categories and 6 rarities. Over 200 equipment types are available for players to forge, install, and upgrade.

Equipment is essential for enhancing hero stats.


Equipment rarity ranking:

  • Common(grey)
  • Unique(green)
  • Master (blue)
  • Epic (purple)
  • Legend (orange)
  • Ancient(red)


TinyCoin (TINC) is the native token of Tiny World.


  • Total Amount:1,000,000,000
  • Token Address: 0x05aD6E30A855BE07AfA57e08a4f30d00810a402e


TINC can be earned through gameplay and yield farming on the Tiny World platform. It can be used in the game to:

  • purchase crystal currency and increase bag size in Tiny Kingdom;
  • initiate battles with the Lord of the territory in Tiny Lord.

The Tiny World team pledges more use cases for TINC in the future.


Token distribution

There will only ever be 1 Billion TINC tokens minted, and they will be distributed in various ways over the next 5 years, according to the pie chart in the table below.

Yield farming and the play-to-earn section make up the most part (52%) of the token distribution. The team’s portion is 15%.

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