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Released on November, 2021

Thetan Arena is a true e-sport game to play with friends: just form a team and battle. The project is highly guild-compatible as the gameplay revolves around the combination of personal skills and teamwork.

Minimum NFT requirement

1 Hero

Minimum investment



Thetan Arena is a mix of MOBA and 3rd person shooter, where you control the player and must eliminate others to win.

There are four modes available.

Battle Royale mode can be played solo or in a duo. The main goal is to become the last survivor in the arena.

Deathmatch 4v4 is a mode where players form teams of four and fight against each other.

Superstar 4v4 is a mode where players have to steal superstars and defend each other.

Tower Destroy 4v4 is a traditional MOBA mode where players have to destroy the opposing team's base.

Custom battle. Want to create a game and play with your friends only? You can create a custom battle and invite them to play together. The host can freely choose any option among available possibilities of game modes, maps and can decide the number of in-game players.

How to setup a wallet

Thetah Arena is built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Thus, you need to add this network to your wallet.


Here are BSC settings for Metamask:

Network Name: Smart Chain


Chain ID: 56

Currency: BNB


Gas fees

You must pay gas in BNB for minting Heroes, claiming Daily Bonuses, etc. 0.0005 BNB = 0.15 USD in average.

How to Start

The new beginners will be given a normal hero to play and can be used to earn native in-game tokens (Thetan Coin). When you play to a certain rank, you will get the 2nd and 3rd heroes. You can make enough tokens to open new premium heroes on Thetan Marketplace with these three free heroes.

Free Heroes vs. Premium Heroes

  • The free hero offers less opportunities for earning tokens compared to the premium hero
  • You cannot buy, sell or trade a free hero
  • Free Hero cannot participate in Special Events
  • Free Hero cannot Evolve to Thetan Hero
  • Free Hero cannot be traded on the marketplace

Heroes in Thetan Arena are categorized into 3 other groups according to their signature skills and statistics, including Tank, Assassin and Marksman.


Tank heroes are front warriors that fight enemies and protect other team members.

Basic Attributes:

Health Point: High

Attack Damage: Normal

Speed: Slow


Assassins are silent killers who can eliminate enemies without being noticed.

Basic Attributes:

Health Point: Low

Attack Damage: High

Speed: High


Marksmans are the main warriors responsible for maintaining the DPS amount during the fight.

Basic Attributes:

Health Point: Normal

Attack Damage: High

Speed: Normal


In the beginning of the game, you will receive free Heroes with some restrictions. You CANNOT sell them or earn THC using them in the battles. Each hero has Hero Rarity and Skin Rarity, which defines amount of rewards they can get.


You can earn gTHC(in-game THC) tokens by playing battles in different game modes, such as Deathmatch, Battle Royale, etc. After each battle, you will be rewarded with a certain amount of gTHC, according to your result.

Heroes restrictions

Heroes in Thetan Arena have different gTHC Battles and Daily gTHC Battles depending on the rarity of heroes and skins.

Each hero has two attributes:

  • gTHC Battles: Total battles eligible for earning gTHC
  • Daily gTHC Battles: Total battles eligible for earning gTHC in a day

When you reach the daily limit of battles, you can play for free, without getting any gTHC.

Every hero gets gTHC bonuses for each battle won, but it varies by hero and skin rarity. Players are rewarded with a Win bonus when:

  • Win in team modes
  • Rank 1st, 2nd, 3rd in Battle Royale Solo
  • Rank 1st, 2nd in Battle Royale Duo


You can claim your earned gTHC, but you need to wait for 12 days for the first withdrawal. Next, you can claim gTHC once every 72 hours. Claimed gTHCs become THC sand can be traded or swapped. Keep in mind that every hero has their limit of battles in which you can earn gTHCs. Free heroes cannot earn any gTHCs, so you must buy some Heroes from Marketplace or mint via Boxes.


An average hero costs about $4 USD, has 221 battles to earn gTHCs, and their daily limit is 8 games. That means you can play up all the games in 28 days. The best and easiest way to get gTHCs is to play team modes. Every victory will bring you 6 gTHCs plus bonus of 3.25 gTHCs. The breakeven can be reached in 113 games (14,5 days) if you win every game.

How To Earn
  • If you don't want to invest money into the game, you can use Free (Normal) Hero to participate in battles so to accumulate enough in-game rewards of Thetan Coin ($THC) for playing. You may also sell $THC in a peer-to-peer manner to the market or use it to open more Premium Hero, and its take time.
  • If you can't wait, a combination of $THC and $THG may be consumed to open Thetan Box to get Premium Heroes. With Premium Heroes, players can dedicate playing hours to level up, and possibly trade them for $THC. In addition, you can also use Premium Heroes to participate in various special events to earn more $THC and $THG in reward. If you want more, let sharpen your skills and conquer the leader-boards.
  • As a digital asset holder, you can treat Premium Heroes as digital assets that may earn rewards/income by active battling in the Arena. The owner of premium heroes can enter into private arrangements with the actual players, entering into direct peer-to-peer arrangements for rental of heroes or sharing rewards obtained cooperatively. Players who are unable to obtain these Premium heroes may also work together to earn digital tokens, because they have the time & skills to optimize your digital assets.
  • As a Player, who spends time to sharpen their skills & ability to optimize any Heroes and become partners in the ecosystem.
  • As a streamer, you can stream games to attract game players to support you and receive rewards from Thetan community.

There are 2 types of tokens in Thetan Arena: THG and THC.

THG is a governance token used to pay gTHG and gTHC withdrawal fees, buy Thetan Legendary Box, and upgrade Heroes.

THC is a token generated while playing the game. It is used to buy Thetan Common and Epic Boxes, buy or rent NFT Heroes, and join in-game Special Events.

You can claim gTHCs and gTHGs. Meanwhile, a 4% fee based on the total amount of THCs or THGs claimed will be charged in gTHGs.

You can get THGs and THCs by swapping any asset in Metamask using these addresses:

0x9fd87aefe02441b123c3c32466cd9db4c578618f THG

0x24802247bd157d771b7effa205237d8e9269ba8a THC

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