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The Harvest

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The Harvest is a fresh new take on free-to-play MOBA Shooters powered by blockchain. Fight along with your teammates from different civilizations against other players to take control of the universe's essence. Set up your hero through the card system to define your combat style, jump into the battle and become the best squad!

Minimum NFT requirement


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Current Status & How To Start

The Harvest game is in development now, the Open Beta is coming soon in 2023, and the planned release date is Q2 2023. Now you can send the Early Access version request via Steam.


The Harvest is a third-person shooter with MOBA and Battle Royale elements.

There are four teams, each with three players, aimed to complete several missions, including:

  • Capturing neutral harvesting points after killing defending NPCs;
  • Defending captured harvesting points with allied NPCs;
  • Attacking enemy harvesting points;
  • Defeating NPCs, earning essence, and upgrading teams;
  • Killing enemy players and reviving team players.

If a player dies and isn't revived right away, they will be able to respawn later. However, respawning will only be available as the ring closes if the player's team has a captured respawn or harvesting point in the safe zone. Therefore, teams are encouraged to capture and control respawn points towards the middle of the map.


There are 5 heroes, each one comes from a different planet:

Alith From The Imperial Triarchy

Giant insects dominated the Imperial Triarchy planet. The underground society was hiding in caves and focused on developing complex implants to improve their bodies.

  • Hero: ALITH
  • Weapon: Truthmakers
  • Skills: Dash and Quantum Blade

Duke From Drifters Commonwealth

The Drifters are a nomadic culture, moving their battleships from place to place based on their needs. They have specialized clans (e.g., biochemists and mercenaries).

  • Hero: DUKE
  • Weapon: Dah'Bum
  • Skills: Jetpack and Power Dive

Kira From The Ascendancy

The Ascendancy representatives are pure energy beings who perceive matter, time, and space in a unique way and have an innate ability to manipulate light.

  • Hero: KIRA
  • Weapon: Light Needler
  • Skills: Luminic Projection and Chromatic Barrier

Sahad From The Sons of Venor

Their culture revolved around the ritualistic hunting of dangerous life forms. They often acted as surgical tools to kill, sabotage, or kidnap high-value targets.

  • Hero: SAHAD
  • Weapon: Mushrat
  • Skills: Hook and Tactical Retreat

Braku (Coming Soon)


Ability Cards

Define your combat style by combining different ability cards before each match.

Players can buy NFT cards, use them during matches, upgrade, and sell via the Marketplace. Users can create different decks before every game. Meanwhile, the Collector's Album enables them to see cards and shape new strategies.

Other NFTs

There is a set of Cosmetic Perks that enable gamers to build their unique styles matching their looks with their gameplay:

  • Companion cards provide users with in-game minions to help them.
  • Skins can be Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Skins offer a new look for your heroes and their abilities.
  • Battle Tags are amazing assets for personalization.
  • Emotes enable players to use exclusive emotions associated with their favorite characters to "tilt" their enemies and evaluate allies.
  • Calling cards help users to create their own identities.

Special Premium Cards Features

Shiny: Every card has a slight chance of being shiny when the player opens a booster. A shiny card will have an illustration with alternative colors and animated effects. The player can choose the two attributes obtained with mastery points.

Grading: Grading a card enables players to have an extra level up. Next, the card gets "locked" with a score matching the quality of all the cards' levels. A graded card's illustration will get animated visual effects. Meanwhile, a card also brings particle effects when playing the game.

How To Earn

The Harvest is a P2E project that puts fun first and profits second. Payers can win $EOL (The Harvest's native token), $HAR (governance token), mystery bags, secret cards, and boosters for completing in-game quests.

However, the primary focus will be mastering and applying all the game mechanics to increase essence rankings.


EOL (Essence of Life)

EOL is a soft currency earned through regular gameplay. It will be obtained as match rewards in orbs acquired from leveling up the player's account and can also be purchased in limited quantities in the in-game shop.


Ore is a hard currency that can be purchased in the in-game shop, found in orbs acquired from leveling up the player's account and obtained through end-of-season league rewards. Ore is vital for upgrading Common cards, buying Hero Cards, acquiring cosmetic items in the in-game shop, and card Crystallization.

AC (Ancient Coins)

Ancient Coins are a currency available only for the game's web marketplace, which will not appear in-game. AC can be acquired by players holding NFTs. AC rewards depend on the amount, rarity, and level of the player's NFT cards.

$HAR (The Harvest Token)

$HAR is a governance token that will be the only on-chain token. $HAR, similarly to Ancient Coins, can be used for the game's web marketplace and entry into tournaments. It can be acquired by trading Ancient Coins or via exchanges.

$HAR tokens will be distributed according to the following schedule:

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