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Tank Wars Zone

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Released on January, 2022

Various gaming modes, fun gameplay, and a concept that doesn't imply a player to spend much to progress and win – Tank Wars Zone was created to fit many gamers around the world. Write your own history of warfare!

Minimum NFT requirement

There is a F2P mode, but normally you need 1 Tank to play PvE

Minimum investment



Tank Wars Zone introduces a new blockchain tank battle game that enables gamers to monetize their time and passion. Meanwhile, the project boosts GameFi and helps the global gaming industry to enter the blockchain era.

Main Features:

  • A low barrier to entry. The team wants to create a blockchain game accessible to gamers worldwide, including enthusiasts from developing countries.
  • Various exciting gameplays. The game has multiple P2E modes, such as PvE, PvP, World Boss Battle, Guild Wars, Tank Championship, and Battle Royale. The game also offers different battle mechanics and features, such as lending, garage, etc.

To start playing, you need to connect your MetaMask wallet and add the Fantom Opera chain:

  • Network name: Fantom Opera
  • RPC URL:
  • Chain ID: 250
  • Currency: FTM
  • Explorer:
How To Start

1. Select the platform that suits you best. It may be the web version or an option for iOS or Android.

2. Connect your MetaMask wallet.

3. Choose one of 3 characters considering that you can't undo this choice later.

4. You can already try the free-to-play Practice Mode, where you will fight against bots. The mode doesn't bring any rewards, but we recommend you try it first to understand game mechanics better.

5. To dive deeper into other game modes, buy 1 Tank via Tank Wars Zone's marketplace or Prom. Currently, the floor price for one tank is about 2,5$

Game Modes


  • The game adopts a control-free turn-based battle system.
  • Players will need at least one tank to start a battle.
  • There will be three types of battlegrounds as follows: 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5. 1v1 will be the lowest token you can earn, and the highest one will be 5v5 battles, as it is planned out for all players to participate in Tank Wars Ecosystem. Additionally, the game will offer daily quests for players to level up and earn rewards.
  • For a battle, one can upgrade each tank with one weapon, armor, tank tread, and booster fluids. All tanks can be used in 5 matches per day. To be used in battles, damaged tanks should be repaired with TGOLD.

PvE World Boss

  • The Genesis Launch provides players with three regions to explore.
  • To enhance players' experiences, Tank Wars Zone will provide them with daily, monthly, and weekly worldwide boss battles.
  • Dealing more damage to bosses will bring players more valuable rewards, such as booster fluids or TGOLD.


For PvP battles, players need at least three tanks. In this case, only 3v3 battles will be available. Players get opponents via matching and ranking systems. The ranking system will keep battles fair by matching only a 0-3% difference in ranking. The matching system is based on ranks, previous match results, tank levels, etc.

PvP battles will have three different time settings: Fixed times, Unlimited times, and Special features. By winning a match, players earn experience, tokens, and ranking points for world leader ranking.

Challenge Me Mode: Players can start a Challenge Me battle and bet TGOLD with others.

Three game battle mechanics will be released: Puzzle Solving, First Person Shooter (FPS), and Rock-Paper-Scissors style of play. Additional modes will be added later.

The match result will be calculated as follows:

Total Team's Attack Weapons + Armors + Equipment + Special Powers.

PvP battle cooldown is 2 hours after the end of battles.

Other Modes

  • Guild Wars is the mode that enables players to join other teammates for a more incredible battle.
  • Tank Championship is the mode where gamers fight to find the strongest tank.
  • Battle Royale is an open-world battle where players can conquer opponents and earn more TGOLD as they defeat other participants.
  • Land Gathering is the mode where gamers fight monsters to acquire land plots.

Available Game Modes

Currently, you can try 3 game modes, which are Practice Mode (Free-to-Play), PvE Mode, and PvP Mode (Beta):


10,000 Tank Cards will become available during the Genesis Launch (5923 Common, 2200 Uncommon, 1100 Rare, 555 Epic and 222 Legendary Tanks). Players can redeem them for Tanks of different rarity levels when the game starts. All tanks and equipment, such as tank drivers, weapons, armor, special powers, etc., are NFTs controlled by players and available for staking and trading.

Marketplace: Players can trade these NFTs via the game marketplace or Prom. The marketplace will have a fixed 3.5% trading fee. All collected fees will be buyback and burn WBOND and TGOLD tokens.

Value: Tank value will be determined by power, speed, armor, and other aspects. To play and earn, players should acquire at least one tank. To upgrade tanks, they can buy custom camouflages, names, batches, or effects using TGOLD.

Game Features


Garages are required for repairing tanks and speeding up their recovery time. As a rule, a tank can fight up to five daily battles after 24 hours of cooldown.

These repair shops' owners can access limited editions of gaming items, such as flags, skins, guns, etc. Next, they can sell rare NFTs to other regular players.

The game system will provide an API. Thus, garages can go for custom designs of items, mint NFTs and sell them via the marketplace, shaping the micro-economies within the game ecosystem.

To enjoy the highlighted features, garage owners should hold a predetermined number of WBOND and TGOLD.

Lending Mechanics

Players can rent tanks for rental. Renters repair any tank damages at their own expense. Meanwhile, renters have a fixed daily rate. Thus, they pay tank owners daily even if they don't use tanks.


There are two tokens:

  • $WBOND Token (War Bond Token) is a utility token for voting, trading tanks, NFTs, equipment, booster fluids, and staking. The total supply of WBOND will be 1,000,000,000.
  • $TGOLD Token (Tank Gold Token) is the in-game currency one can get by playing PvE, PvP, World Boss, Guild Wars, and Open Battle games. TGOLD can be acquired via playing, farming, or trading NFTs. The token will be used to repair and upgrade tanks with armor, boosters, custom camouflages, names, batches, or effects. The total supply of TGOLD is not predefined.

Token Allocation

How To Earn
  • Factory. Design a 3D Tank Model and sell it via the marketplace. Everyone can buy or trade tanks to use in all gameplay modes.
  • Garage. Offer repair service to tank owners. They can design such items as flags, skins, etc., and sell them to other players.
  • In-game Billboards. Deploy advertising banners and signs in Tank Wars battlefields or Tank Wars City upon requests from 3rd parties or the Factory. NFT Trading. Trade tanks, lands, weapons, and other game assets via the in-game marketplace or Prom.
  • $TGOLD Rewards while playing. Later you can swap $TGOLD for $WBOND or $FTM via the in-game exchange.
  • Staking. You can stake $TGOLD, $WBOND, or your LP Tokens.

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