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Sword and Magic World

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Sword and Magic World is a classic Western fantasy adventure mobile game that presents a magnificent world of romance and adventure. Based on Western mythology, it tells the story where the main world, the divine realm, and the devildom are intertwined. Here on the land of Sword and Magic, you will be an elite adventurer who embarks on a thrilling journey of conquest with loyal companions. You may travel across different realms, meet friends of different races, and fall in love with the special one. It's time to write your own history with bravery and romance! Highlights: Stunning Visuals Immerse yourself in lifelike 3D graphics with dynamic lighting and seamless seasonal transitions, enjoy 360° panoramic views enriched by a quick perspective switch, and experience the ultimate visual thrills. Grand Adventure Join forces to raid multiplayer dungeons, defeat world bosses, or engage in stirring 3v3 battles. Rally your comrades and fight alongside each other anytime, anywhere.

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