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Sipher is a live action game with RPG elements and two main gaming modes: PvP and PvE. Along with casual fighting players will collect characters, send them on adventures, craft, and upgrade.

Minimum NFT requirement

1 Sipher character

Minimum investment

70 USD

Current status and How to start

The game is in alpha testing. You can join it via this form. When invited, you need to purchase an NFT Hero. For instance, you can acquire it via

Gameplay and Mechanics

The gameplay is full of fighting and exploration. Meanwhile, it is close to the typical MOBA, where users must attack and dodge enemies’ attacks. Currently, there are two main modes: PvE and PvP.


It is a dungeon-like gameplay where a team of three players tracks and defeats monsters. When you defeat all waves of enemies, you receive the reward. You can play with friends or in teams with two random players. You can receive rare drops of items, resources, fragments, and $ATHER. The tokens collected in the PvE mode can be used to craft new rare powerful items. What is more, you can play in the casual or ranked mode. You receive ranking points to compete in daily challenges in the ranked mode. Top gamers are rewarded in $SIPHER.


This mode is a live-action MOBA where teams of up to three players fight against other users. You can acquire new skills, unlock new weapons, and compete in weekly, monthly and seasonal tournaments for token rewards. As in the PvE mode, you can play ranked matches and try to earn rewards in $ATHER.

Character NFTs

To win in PvE and PvP activities, you must purchase an in-game character. There are two series (races) of Sipher NFT: Sipherian Surge (INUs) and Sipherian Flash (NEKOs). One more race, BURU, is in development and will be released soon.

The first 10000 NFTs of each race are Genesis Siphers. They enable their owners to access the alpha and beta versions early. Additionally, they have:

  • the highest chances to create Sipher clones with the best stats,
  • early access to test versions and upcoming game modes,
  • an early claim of in-game usernames,
  • an advantage of being whitelisted,
  • the ability to claim special Lootboxes for a limited period.
Sipher Cloning

The amount of Genesis Siphers is limited to 10000, but the overall amount of Siphers is unlimited. Genesis Sipher owners can produce new characters via cloning in the Laboratory. To clone a Sipher, a player must combine it with an unused Vessel Core. A new Sipher will be very similar to the original one.

You can earn a Vessel Core by:

  • participating in community events and airdrops,
  • staking $SIPHER tokens,
  • completing PvE quests and PvP battles.
Lootboxes and Spaceships

Every holder of a Genesis Sipher can open a Lootbox containing a part of the Spaceship weekly. You need to gather five different elements to construct a Spaceship. It is a travel vehicle that will allow you to transport yourself throughout the various dungeons and the World of Sipheria. Meanwhile, it also enables you to:

  • carry multiple resources with you during your journey,
  • keep the progress of your current dungeon if you die,
  • travel to certain worlds,
  • get the boosted in-game stats of your character,
  • send your Spaceship for extra resources.

Mind that you need to pay gas in $MATIC when minting a part of the Spaceship (by opening the Lootbox), as well as when assembling the whole Spaceship, buying or selling its parts, or upgrading them.

How to earn

The primary income in Sipher will come from selling items and resources earned from the game:

  • parts of a Spaceship or a whole ship;
  • weapons you crafted (players will need different types of weapons for various events, so they must be in demand),
  • cloned characters (if you own a Genesis one).

Besides, top weekly players in the ranked mode will receive $SIPHER, which can be swapped to fiat.


There are two types of tokens in Sipher: $SIPHER and $ATHER.


$SIPHER is a multifunctional government token that can be used in-game to clone characters, pay in-game marketplace transaction fees, and purchase special items. $SIPHER can be acquired through swapping ETH on UniSwap or KyberSwap. Meanwhile, top players in the ranked mode get rewards in this token.


$ATHER is a token earned in-game through PvP and PvE activities. It is used for crafting, leveling up characters and equipment, unlocking new skills, and constructing buildings.

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