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RealFevr is a web3 gaming ecosystem built around licensed sports digital collectibles. FEVR Battle Arena - The first football trading moments game in the world based on a sustainable Web3 gaming model. Here, football moments become in-game assets and gain a new life inside this turn-based strategy game.

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Fevr Battle Arena is a football turn-based strategy game where players build decks composed of RealFevr digital collectibles (sports video moments such as goals and saves from the world's top football players) that become in-game assets to battle against each other. Like in a real football game, the main objective is to score more goals than the opposition when the time expires. The gameplay was inspired by digital trading card games like Hearthstone, Magic The Gathering, and Gods Unchained.

Current Status & How To Start

To become a part of the RealFevr ecosystem, you need to register with your Google/Apple/Discord/Facebook accounts or connect your wallet (Metamask, TrustWallet, and WalletConnect).

After connecting your wallet, you need to set up the profile:

Currently, you can download the test Pre-Season version of the game, which is available for MacOS and Windows. Season 1 Open Beta is coming very soon, in Q1 2023. After downloading and installing the game, you'll need to generate a code that you will then use to login into the game and configure your profile in-game. You'll be directed from the game to the website to complete this step, scroll down and click "Fetch Login Code". Then, return to the game and paste your login code to access the game.

Game Modes

Choose "Battles" on the main menu to start playing. You get XP that will count towards your ranking on the Leaderboard for playing in all of the game modes, which include:

  • Practice mode. You'll play against the AI. The bot opponent will always have the same deck power as yours. For first-time players, it's the perfect way to understand the game mechanics.
  • Free-For-All mode. It is available for everyone for free. It's a way to test your Deck against other players who may have weaker or stronger decks than you.
  • Arenas in a Ticket-to-Play model. You can only access them if you purchase tickets beforehand. Right now, you can choose between Lisbon and Miami. More will be available in the future. Lisbon Arena offers the winners rewards in $FEVR tokens.

Coming soon:

Tournaments. Tournaments are events hosted at specific times where players compete against each other in a typical tournament/championship structure. Amazing rewards await. For the Pre-Season, ongoing weekly and monthly tournaments have already been announced. Learn more here.

Duels. Create direct challenges and battle-specific opponents in a 1V1 combat mode. This game mode will be available in Free-To-Play and Ticket-Based.



RealFevr's NFTs are digital collectibles of sports Moments in video format. Each Moment contains a unique ID verifiable on a public blockchain (BNB chain). The Moments you purchased become players (game-assets) in FEVR Battle Arena that you, as a coach, will put on the pitch to compete with your opponents.

Each Moment has:

  • Rarity (Common, Special, Epic, Legendary, and Unique)
  • Position (Forward, Midfielder, Defender, and Goalkeeper)
  • Stats
  • Special Abilities that cause some effect or perform some action in your own and your team's favor

Moments each have four base stats:

  • The orange shield represents the Defense damage, the amount of damage they can do when placed on the Defensive lane.
  • The red arrow represents the Attack damage, meaning the Power they have when placed on the Offensive lane.
  • The yellow square represents the Goalkeeper's damage, meaning the damage they can do when placed on the Goalkeeper's line.
  • The blue heart represents the Stamina.

Besides stats, some Moments also have special abilities associated with them, which are activated when placed on the field:

  • Ball Stopper: puts itself in the way of attacks targeted at the Goalkeeper or to an empty net. If your opponent has a Moment with Ball Stopper, you will have to defeat it before you can attack the Goalkeeper or score a goal.
  • Super Sub: can attack in the same turn it is placed on the field
  • Inspire: increases the Active Power of a single moment when entering the pitch, the whole lane where it is placed when entering the pitch, or the whole team when entering the pitch.
  • Captain: increases the Stamina of a single moment when entering the pitch, the whole lane where it is placed when entering the pitch, or the whole team when entering the pitch.

Important: For Moments with both Inspire and Captain, if they are meant to buff the attributes of a single moment, a green arrow will show up when you first place them on the field. You must click on one of your Moments so that it will receive the attribute buff (extra attack or Stamina).

Tickets System

You can purchase tickets with $FEVR that will grant you access to different Arenas with wagering mechanisms. The tickets will give players access to a specific Arena where they'll play against another player (1V1).

Lisbon Arena: To enter the Lisbon Arena, you will need to purchase tickets worth 10k $FEVR. The winner of each match automatically receives 19k $FEVR (about 11$) for each victory.

Miami Arena: This one works similarly to the Lisbon Arena but with BNB rewards. You will have to purchase the corresponding Miami tickets worth 0.03 $BNB (about 10$). The winner of each match automatically receives 0.054 $BNB (about 17$) for each victory.

It is also possible to purchase Action NFTs that will be integrated into the game mechanics to make gameplay more engaging and complex.


The Board

You'll notice the pitch is divided into six lanes, 3 for each player — Goals, Defensive Lanes, and Offensive Lanes. The light green lanes are yours, where you can place your Moments, while the dark green ones belong to your opponent.

  • The Defense Damage (represented by the orange shield symbol) shows the moments' attack power when placed in the Defensive lane (the light green one on the left in front of your goal).
  • The Attack Damage (represented by the red arrow symbol) shows the moments' attack power when placed in the Offensive lane (the light green one on the right in front of your opponent's goal).

Moments have different stats depending on the lane where they are placed.

Creating your deck

On the Main Menu, choose "Deck" to reach the Deck Creation Tool.

To start playing, assemble your moments to create decks containing up to 50 Moments. You may purchase moments via Prom or the RealFevr marketplace. Also, you can use Grey Moments (Free-To-Play game assets available for everyone to use to help you get started on your FEVR Battle Arena journey). Creating hybrid decks with purchased moments and free Grey moments is also possible.

Click New Deck to start.

  • Find moments by using the different filers. Search by rarity, position, and between owned moments Free-To-Play Grey Moments. Mouse over the Moments so you can check their unique abilities!
  • To Add moments to your Deck, click them. To Remove a moment you don't want, click on the name of the Moment to remove it from your Deck.
  • Each Deck needs 3 Goalkeepers at least. Whether you want more than that is up to you. The number of Forwards, Midfielders, and Defenders should be balanced, though that depends entirely on your desired strategy.
  • Deck power is rated with Stars (from 1 to 5), taking into account the collective attributes of the moments you chose to ensure you are matched up with a player of similar deck power, depending on the game mode.

Remember to save your Deck.

Game Phases

Every match goes through the following phases:

Pre-game: before the start of the game, you select your Goalkeeper from a random selection of 3 goalkeepers in your team. After that, from a random selection of 6 Moments from your team, you pick three players to place on the pitch for the start of the game.

First Half: 4 turns, with a coin flip to determine who starts first. Players get a new Moment on each turn. The number of available actions works as follows:

  • Turn 1 – P1 gets 2 Action Points, and P2 gets 3 Action Points.
  • Turn 2 – Both players get 4 Action Points.
  • Turn 3 – Both players get 5 Action Points.
  • Turn 4 – Both players get 6 Action Points.

Second Half: 4 turns in total. Players get two new Moments on each turn. The number of available actions will be as follows:

  • Turn 1 – Both players get 5 Action Points.
  • Turn 2 – Both players get 6 Action Points.
  • Turn 3 – Both players get 7 Action Points.
  • Turn 4 – Both players get 7 Action Points.

A Tiebreaker will be played in case of a draw at the end of the Second Half to determine the winner. It follows all basic mechanics from the game, and a winner will be determined if a player is leading at the end of a turn (when player 2 finishes their action points).


  • Turn 1 – Both players get 5 Action Points.
  • Turn 2 – Both players get 6 Action Points.
  • Turn 3 and 4 – Both players get 7 Action Points.

In case of a draw at the end of the Tiebreaker (4 turns), victory will be attributed according to the following criteria:

  • The player with the highest skill count
  • The player with the lower deck power

Starting a Match

You'll start a match by selecting your desired game mode and buying a ticket to enter an Arena.

  • Place your Goalkeeper. At the start of the match, you will have to choose your starter goalkeeper from the ones you have in your Deck. Up to 3 moments will be randomly chosen for you to select. Drag and drop it in the goal lane to place it.
  • Click and Drag to place 3 Moments on the pitch. Drag and drop the moments on the Defensive lane (on the left) and Offensive lane (on the right), depending on the player's position. Note that your Moments' stats differ according to the lane where they are placed. Mouse over moments to check their stats, special abilities, and positions.

Action Points

The game is turn-based; when outlining the strategies for each turn, remember that your actions cost Action Points. During their turn, players can perform the following actions (all cost 1 Action point):

  • Place: Place a Moment in the pitch either on the offensive lane or defensive lane from their hand on the pitch.
  • Attack: Using your mouse, click the Moment you want to use and drag the arrow to a Moment from your opponent to attack. Moments in the player's defensive lane can only attack Moments in the opponent's offensive line, while Moments in the player's offensive line can only attack Moments in the opponent's defensive line.
  • Score: You can score with a Moment that is on the offensive line after destroying the Goalkeeper or all defenders with the "Ball Stopper" skill standing in your way. To do this, click the Moment you wish to use to score and drag the arrow to the empty goal.
  • Draw: If you are not satisfied with the Moments you have in your hand, you can get a new one from the Deck. If you already have 5 Moments in your hand, you will need to pick one to send back to the Deck.
  • Move: You can move your Moments to other lines, from the offensive to the defensive and vice versa. Only Moments that have not attacked yet can be moved. (this one costs 0 Actions Points)

As soon as your turn starts, a timer will start counting. After it reaches the end, it will be your opponent's turn, so use your time strategically. If you are satisfied with your moves but still have actions left, you can finish your turn earlier by pressing "Skip turn".

How To Earn

FEVR Battle Arena prefers the Play And Earn model and its gamenomics model concerning the earning aspect rewards skill. The players who will benefit are those who win, not all players who play the game.

Winners in Lisbon Arena ($FEVR) take 1.9x the amount of $FEVR spent on the ticket while also receiving other ecosystem rewards. At the Miami Arena (BNB), the winner of each match automatically receives 0.054 $BNB for each victory.

So there are three main ways to earn:

  • Getting rewards after winning the match
  • Getting tournaments' rewards
  • NFT Trading

$FEVR is the token that acts as in-game currency in FEVR Battle Arena and the main currency in RealFevr's ecosystem.

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