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Planet Mojo is an upcoming gaming metaverse featuring an alien planet where fierce creatures battle to preserve their habitat from technological forces. The vision of Planet Mojo is to offer a variety of interconnected "fun first" games and let players switch between games with customized teams and assets.

Minimum NFT requirement


Minimum investment


How to setup a wallet

Planet Mojo is built on Polygon. Thus, you need to add this network to your wallet.


Here are the Polygon settings for Metamask:

Network name: Polygon Mainnet


Chain ID: 137

Currency: MATIC


Gas Fees

You need some MATIC ($1 worth should be way enough) to pay gas fees.


Planet Mojo is a mysterious alien world where characters known as Mojos spawn from it after a strange object collides against the planet. These creatures fight against an unknown threat. The game will launch its beta version this year.

Mojo Melee is an Autochess Battler game where players battle with teams of Clan Champions, Mojos, and Spellstones in tournament-style matches. Each match within a tournament involves a Preparation phase where players can upgrade and deploy their team. Players sit back when the combat phase starts and watch their teams fight it.


Players create teams for battles from their collection of Mojos, Champions, and SpellStones.

A team in Mojo Melee is made up of 1 Mojo unit, 4 Champion units, and 2 SpellStones. Like deck building games, player’s teams will shape strategies for winning and their capability to counter their opponents’ offenses.


Each team’s Mojo is deployed in the arena at the start of each game. Mojos are team leaders with particular subclass abilities that determine the SpellStones they can use.


Champions are warriors from Planet Mojo's clans. In Mojo Melee, most players' teams will consist of Champions banded together with their Mojo.

There are different classes of Champions, such as paladin, assassin, warrior, berserker, shaman, and cleric.

Each champion has a special ability. Learn all about them to boost your victories.


Each team can be equipped with two SpellStones, each with a single powerful ability giving a bonus to either Champions or Mojos.

Attachment SpellStones are attached to your units. The unit you use it with will benefit from the SpellStones special ability. Each of your units may have up to 2 of these SpellStones.

Offensive SpellStones are placed on the opponent’s side of the Arena during the planning phase. They will affect all enemies within their range at the start of combat.

Team SpellStones are placed on your side of the Arena and will bring benefits to all your units or those within their range.

Matches are made up of rounds. Before a match and between rounds, players form and deploy their teams in the arena, spending gold to place Champions, Mojos, SpellStones, and upgrades from their reserves into the arena.

Players receive eight gold at the start of each round. Any gold that is not spent can be spent during the next round.

There are three slots in a player’s reserves — the units that can be deployed. The reserves can be refreshed to draw three new units by spending gold.


Players can place and then move their units around on their half of the arena before starting each Battle Round. If a Mojo, Champion, or SpellStone is already in the arena, using the same unit or SpellStone from the reserves will give it a power-up, boosting its stats and making its special ability more powerful.

Players can win battles through the strategic placement of units. For instance, you’d place a healer behind your heavy troops so they don’t take damage and continue supporting frontline players.


During combat, units gain Energy by attacking and taking damage. Each unit has a special ability to use when Energy is fully charged. Special abilities have a wide range of effects that can change the tide of battle.

Unit Stats

Champions and Mojos both have a Basic Attack plus the following stats.

Health determines how much damage Mojos and Champions can take before being defeated during a round of combat.

Armor determines how much damage a Mojo can take before losing Health. However, some special abilities damage Health directly.

Move Speed determines how long it takes a Mojo, Champion, or some other object to move to an adjacent space.

Target Priority determines which enemy it should prioritize attacking. The most common priorities are the closest or farthest enemy unit.

Max Energy determines the max amount of Energy a champion can gain. When champions reach their max Energy, they use their special abilities.

Starting Energy is the amount of Energy a Champion has at the beginning of each combat phase.

Gold Cost determines how much gold the unit of spell costs in the store during a match.

Basic Attacks

Champions and Mojo will use their basic attack against their target priority.

A basic attack has the following: Damage, Attack Speed, Range, Critical hit Chance, and Critical Hit multiplier.

Special Abilities

Each Champion, Mojo, and SpellStone has one special ability. Special abilities are the special combat actions that give the unit or spell its defining use in the game. Units will use their special abilities whenever they reach their max Energy.

Some Champions may start combats with max Energy using their special abilities at the start of a combat round. At the same time, a SpellStone’s ability will activate once at the beginning of each combat round.

How To Start

To start playing, you should make a team of 1 Mojo unit, 4 Champion units, and 2 SpellStones.

Mojo Melee mode will include a free-to-play path. So, players get a temporary Mojo and four starter Champions they can later buy for more significant rewards and access to exclusive tournaments and events.

Owning Mojo and Champion NFTs will increase your Collection Tier to special rewards, airdrops, and other exclusives.

Another way to start is to buy NFTs via the marketplace and play with all the game's perks from the beginning.

So, the choice is yours.

Gaming modes

Mojo Melee will have two game modes — duel and melee. The combat is identical in both modes, but the number of players and victory conditions differ.

In duel mode, a player goes up against a single opponent. The first one to win three rounds is the winner. As duelists engage, they can recognize patterns in each other’s strategies, adapting play styles to counter their opponent’s choices and gain the upper hand.

Melee mode involves eight players in a two-stage competition. Players first compete in a group phase, with the top 2 players of each group moving into the semifinals, followed by the final round.

How To Earn

There are two game types — ranked and unranked. Unranked games provide a more casual setting for players to try out new team formations or to learn the game’s mechanics, while ranked games offer greater rewards and more intense competition.

If you’re playing in the unranked mode, you can get ahead with XP from battles and Ore from Quests.

If you’re playing in the ranked mode, you can earn XP from battles, gain Ore by winning matches or completing Quests and Challenges, and participate in season-long events with rewards.


Quests are daily activities that involve unranked and ranked gameplay. Each Quest has a set of goals that players must complete for rewards.

You have three daily Quests to complete per day. Completed Quests will be renewed daily.

Players can refresh each Quest slot daily for a new Quest.


In the ranked mode, a player can initiate a Challenge to earn additional rewards upon completion.

The player completes a Challenge by winning several ranked games without many losses.

There are two ways to start a Challenge:

  • Spend Challenge Points gained from Collection Tier rewards.
  • Spend BattleStones, rewards for completing Activities and winning Tournaments.

Players will unlock more advanced Challenges as their ranks go higher. These Challenges have higher starting costs but offer more significant rewards.

Collection Tiers

As you collect more Planet Mojo NFTs in your wallet, your Collection Tier will increase. Progressing to higher Collection Tiers grants players many benefits, including Challenge Points needed to take on Challenges that offer additional rewards.


MOJ is Planet Mojo’s native ERC-20 Token. Everything from staking to in-game payments to governance can be made with $MOJ.


The in-game utility & reward soft currency lets players upgrade their NFTs. Earned in Mojo Melee.

BattleStones (NFTs)

BattleStones enable players to enter paid tournaments. These are crafted NFTs that can be bought and sold on the Mojo Marketplace for $MOJ.

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