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Phantom Galaxies


In development

Phantom Galaxies vows to become a genuine “AAA” blockchain-integrated PC and console title. This game combines RPG and sandbox characteristics and will fit fans of Sci-Fi and mecha battles.

Minimum NFT requirement

Origin Series NFT of any kind (Poster, Redeemed Poster or Medal)

Minimum investment


How To Start

To start playing, you must acquire at least one NFT, "Halberd-001" using Matic. With it, you will be able to play all four Episodes of the Alpha Test. Then you must navigate to and download the game for Windows or macOS. On the same page, you should connect your wallet. Next, you will get a special access code to enter after installing the game.

The NFT Poster "Halberd-001" price is about 4 MATIC (3-4 USD) + 0,005 MATIC for gas.

Gameplay and activities


Phantom Galaxies is an open-world online space simulation where a player becomes a spaceship junior commander who controls one of the spaceship mechs, Mechanised Starfighters. You can turn your spaceship into a mech to fight any danger. Each Starfighter exists as an NFT that specifies the in-game mech's aesthetics and attributes. To upgrade a Starfighter, you will need different NFTs and FTs. Thus, you can master it with such items as Weapons, Armor, Shaders, and Consumables that can be bought or found in the universe of Phantom Galaxies.

Player Activities

Player activities in Phantom Galaxies include Missions, Quests, Operations, and Raids.


Missions represent the primary storyline and enable players to learn more about the universe's characters, locations, and plots. One after another, missions tell a long story about the Phantom Galaxies universe.


Quests tell separate stories, enable players to learn more about minor characters of the Phantom Galaxies universe, and enjoy various scenarios.


Operations are systemic objectives that form the backbone of the repeatable content, keeping players engaged daily or weekly.


Raids are the ultimate PvE (player versus environment) challenge in Phantom Galaxies, where users are welcome to form teams and face the most complicated challenges. Importantly, raids are for advanced players with impressive coordination, communication, and gaming skills.

Remember that Alpha Test is a single-player game, and a multiplayer mode will be available later.

Origin Series NFT

To play all 4 Episodes, you must purchase 1 NFT Poster of the first Episode, but eventually, you can buy all 4 Episodes' Posters. After completing the Episode, your poster will be burned and replaced with a Redeemed Poster NFT. If you get all 4 Posters, you will get a special Pristine Fleet Generative Starfighter. If you pass all 4 Episodes and get 4 Redeemed posters, you will get some Veteran Fleet Starfighter. The whole scheme look like this:

How To Earn

During the Alpha Test, it is hard to tell in what way you will be able to earn. The primary income will be from grinding the quests, participating in PvP battles, and owning a planet. Soon after the launch of Episode 4, there will be a special event called the Astrafite Rush. To participate in it, you need to complete Episodes 1, 2, and 3.

The Astrafite Rush event will consist of two main activities: mining the newly discovered Astrafite ore and destroying a new sub-faction of pirates swarming the galaxy. All players will have objectives based on these activities. The event will be divided into parts, with different Personal and Community goals per each part. The participants who achieve their objectives will get rewards. Additionally, all players will contribute towards Community Objectives, increasing the rewards for everyone.

The owners of Planet Genesis Mintpasses will get more ASTRAFER after having achieved their Personal Objectives. So, the best way to prepare for the event is to complete all the chapters and upgrade your Starfighters.

Planets NFT

Planets are special generative NFTs that players can purchase, own, and trade. Each Planet has designated coordinates and random traits that make it unique. Although you can earn tokens without owning any Planets, each Planet you have will boost your Token Emission while you are playing. Its efficiency will depend on the Planet's level regarding the following parameters:

  • engagement (amount of visits to the Planet, amount of missions completed);
  • development (amount of buildings constructed). Not all functions of the Planets are available now, but you will be able to enjoy them with the full game release.


The governance and utility token is called the Astrafer token (ASTRAFER). Originally launched on the Polygon sidechain, it has now been bridged to the Ethereum Mainnet. The Polygon and Ethereum contract addresses are:



Ethereum 0x97Bbbc5d96875fB78D2F14b7FF8d7a3a74106F17

ASTRAFER is an essential part of Phantom Galaxies, and will allow players to buy and mint NFTs within the game — beginning with the ‘‘Thermopylae’ Poster 3 NFT.

Total supply of the token: 888,077,888 ASTRAFER You can trade ASTRAFER on Sushiswap (WETH, WMATIC) and QuickSwap (WETH, WMATIC, USDC).

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