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Outer Ring MMO - is a science fiction 3rd person sandbox action MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). An open-world universe based on the Outer Ring Saga. In this novel, 5 species, divided into 4 different factions, fight for the control of planets and resources. Inside the game, players will hunt for legendary weapons, participate in huge PvP battles, venture into dangerous dungeons to fight against bosses, and collect epic loot and resources to upgrade their weapons and ships. It's better with friends – players who want to interact with communities and player-driven economies must find what they are looking for in Outer Ring.

Minimum NFT requirement


Minimum investment



Currently, the game is in development, and its pre-alpha version will be available in June 2023 for Windows and macOS. Outer Ring will become the center of an ecosystem of apps and games in the future.

Tech Demo

Outer Ring MMO releases Technical Demos periodically for its community to test new features of the game, enjoy its look and starting feeling the gameplay. You can download it from their website.

The complete roadmap is below.

How To Set Up A Wallet

Outer Ring is built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Thus, you need to add this network to your wallet.

The BSC settings for Metamask:

Network Name: Smart Chain


Chain ID: 56

Currency: BNB



The basic game loop will constantly demand gamers to explore, collect and improve their gear and skills to combat stronger opponents and create their own tale inside this virtual universe.

Players will engage in PvP and PvE modes. Multiple weapons and game modes will be released, including seasonal mini-games and special promotional events. Being a player-driven project, Outer Ring may create mini-games and interactive scenarios for special occasions and collaborations.

Character development is skills-based. You will choose one of the 5 "Species" (check their description in the next segment) and develop different skills to fulfill your role inside your faction, clan, or group of friends.

Players will need to upgrade skills such as running, jumping, or climbing (Physical Skills). By completing different tasks, such as mining or crafting weapons and armor, you will craft better NFTs. The same strategy is relevant for combat and piloting skills.

All assets in the game are either generated from the player´s work or created by them. All swords, fire guns, armor, vehicles, ships, lands, buildings, and things inside buildings can be converted into NFTs, and all the resources needed to craft these: iron, copper, gas, wood, etc., also work as Fungible Tokens. As a result, players become the real owners of these digital items and can generate value for their time invested by selling them.



Originating from Earth and with only a few decades of space travels under their belt, Earthlings are constantly improvising and adapting to survive.

Their story in the Outer Ring begins after a Nuclear Winter that made Earth uninhabitable and forced them to travel space in search of a new home. Now, the Earthlings lead the Federation, an organization hoping to bring stability to the universe and acknowledge humans as the superior race.


Va’ans are war-hungry being, dedicating their entire lives hunting, fighting, and killing. Va’ans have devoted their lives to Vassal, the Black Hole they perceive as the God of Death. Perceiving death by blade as a means of liberation, they hunt across space, freeing creatures from the torment of life , offering them eternal rest in the void of Vassal.

Va’ans ended up in the Outer Ring after Vassal expanded and absorbed their solar system. Perceiving this as a call to action, the remaining Va’ans decided to comb space and spread the sweet gift of death.


Once rightful rulers of the mightiest empire the universe has ever seen. Being fragile mollusk-like creatures, the Oracles had to devise impenetrable exoskeletons to give them a fair chance at survival. But after the creation of the suits, they turned to be god-like creatures with the ability to connect to any device, to absorb and calculate information almost as fast as a computer. Despite their emotional attachment to their empire, they are attached to cold, rational facts and obsessed with science and progress.

After their Empire got dismantled by their own greed, the Oracles were forced to seek refuge in the Outer Ring where they hope to rebuild their empire anew.


Organized in a complex system of almost fifty castes, the Scavengons are considered the least advanced creatures of the universe. As their bodies produce fluids that can turn into medicinal poultices, Scavengons were hunted down by Va’an fighters and they were forced out of their home planet.

While most Scavengons are still scavengers of space, collecting reusable parts to create their own machines, a few unlucky ones, once they reached the Outer Ring, they were infected by a parasite that took control of their minds and actions. Now, most Scavengons still traverse space, leading a nomadic life, while those infected are a fearful military power living under the Parasite’s command, aiming to spread the virus and take control ever living organism in the Outer Ring.


The Mechs is a complex structure, devised by the Oracles, and currently, they are the only fully-artificial beings in the universe. While they were originally designed for war, as the perfect weapon against the infected Scavengons and the war-hungry Va’ans, the Mechs achieved sentience and broke free from the tethers of their creators. Once free, the Mechs dedicated their lives to finding the meaning of existence and constructing a brighter future for all the races of the universe.

Most Mechs are wayfarers, traveling from one planet to the next, gathering experiences while some are still at Mech-Hub, the planet of the Mechs, where the world’s entire history is safely stored and under their protective gaze.


Outer Ring has 2 native tokens. Exo Credits ($EXO) will be used as the in-game currency. All resources and items in the game operate as tokens that can be exchanged or staked in the pools via Galactic Dex. They can be traded freely via Galactic DEX and burned to generate cool weapons.

There are two protocols used for the tokenization:

  • ERC-20: Galactic Quadrant (GQ), Iron (IRON), Copper (COP), etc.
  • ERC-721: Used for digital assets that represent in-game objects such as weapons, armor, etc.

Galactic Quadrant (GQ) is the governance token of Outer Ring MMO that enables its holders to influence the game. The Player Driven Economy's central element can be acquired via quests, competing, or trading in-game assets.

Its in-game use cases include:

  • Accelerating processes.
  • Changing zones' combat paradigms.
  • Acquiring special cards to participate in the political game and start ruling regions or planets.
  • Betting.
  • Acquiring premium items from the in-house shop that can only be purchased in this currency.
  • Improving property levels.
  • Upgrading vehicle and ship levels.
  • Accessing new exclusive content that can be acquired only in this currency.
  • Paying for extra games in the arcade that has only a few free uses per day.
How to earn

The game's economy has a monetary system and laws that players can influence. Players use Galactic Quadrants (GQ), the governance token, enabling them to interact with all major cryptocurrencies.

To earn, one can trade items, craft NFTs, sell them, or complete in-game objectives and quests.

The in-game places and mechanics that boost the economy include:

  • The Marketplace, where one can acquire GQs or NFTs by paying in other cryptocurrencies.
  • In-game shops, run by non-player characters who trade with players.
  • Direct in-game purchases.
  • DEX in different zones or planets, with liquidity pools filled with in-game items.
  • Player-created shops, where users can trade items they have created themselves.
  • Getting tokens as a reward for completing various missions and tasks.

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