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Released on September, 2022

OpenBlox is an ecosystem that will include both games and various web3 apps that enable users to boost their well-being, fun, and profits. RunBlox is the first title in OpenBlox metaverse. It has Move-to-Earn mechanics. The beta version is already out.

Minimum NFT requirement

1 RunBlox

Minimum investment



OpenBlox is an ecosystem with one live Web 3 game RunBlox, three upcoming titles, and a range of partner apps:



Being the first Web 3 app launched in the OpenBlox ecosystem, RunBlox is built on Avalanche C-Chain and, similarly to SteoN, merges the physical and digital worlds.

How To Start

To start, you need to download the app for iOS or Android and create an in-game wallet. Next, acquire the NFT shoes via the Runblox app or Prom. Mind that their price is about $5-6 worth $AVAX.

NFT Shoes

To earn, you need shoes that vary according to the six races of the OpenBlox world: Insect, Shark, Hardshell, Flower, Dragon, and Techno. Choose a pair that fits your fitness style, including the Walk (running speed 2-7 km/h), the Jog (5-11 km/h), and the Run (7-20 km/h).

Each shoe has 4 different attributes.

Attack (Rux Earning): The higher the attacking attribute, the better results players will be in terms of Rux earned per energy spent.

Luck: Luck determines the frequency, and the quality of LootBox drops you can receive. The higher the number, the better the chances. NFT holders receive drops even when other players borrow their Shoes.

Speed: This attribute is currently still under development.

HP (Hit Points): Hit Points affect the shoe's durability. The higher the Hit Points, the more resilient and durable a shoe is.

You can level up your shoes with $RUX and receive additional attribute points, which can also be used for upgrades.

Sneakers' rarity varies, including Common, Rare, Epic, Hero, and Legendary types. The higher the rarity is, the more points you can gain.

Energy System

To move, you need energy. Five minutes of walking/running consume one energy point. 25% of energy is replenished every 6 hours. The number of shoes determines how long you can use shoes and earn.

The rarity of shoes determines their earning potential.


LootBox is a special box with rewards you get after you finish an activity. To get it, you need to spend at least 2 energies. LootBoxes' rarity varies: the ones you get depend on our shoe level and luck. $RUX prices of boxes vary depending on rarity.

Users can have up to 4 unopened LootBoxes, but holding this number doesn't let them get a new LootBox.

How To Earn

You can earn by getting rewards for running and collecting LootBoxes. Since LootBoxes are random, let's focus on running rewards:

The maximum a user can earn depends on the level of shoes:

If you are lucky to get Techno and Dragon class, you can get 7 $RUX per energy.


Current Status And How To Start

RogueBlox is in Closed Alpha version now. If you want to qualify for a chance to get an Alpha spot, you should follow this instruction


RogueBlox will be a turn-based deck-builder card game with RPG features and roguelike progression. You will get an initial deck that includes basic attack and defense cards. Your goal is to defeat your opponent by picking the cards from your deck one by one.

You will likely need more cards to build up your deck. Larger decks make your attack and defense more flexible. RogueBlox will have different levels with increasing difficulty and rewards.


Bloxes' battle professions are defensive, offensive, and supportive. Choose cards strategically and consider that:

  • Defenders can absorb more damage to resist attacks, while attackers are better at causing damage.
  • Defenders often stand in the front row to resist damage and create more damage output opportunities for attackers.
  • Supportive Bloxes can control and heal.

While playing, you will learn all Bloxes' features, work out strategies and find unique patterns to defeat enemies.

Blox NFT

Bloxes will be the main NFTs of the OpenBlox Universe. Every Blox character has unique features/traits determining its functions in battles. There are six classes of Bloxes, including the Techno, the Flower, the Shark, the Insect, the Hardshell, and the Dragon. Each class has its strategy system, strengths, and weaknesses. Bloxes' attack may increase or decrease due to the opponent's class. For example, Sharks, who have potent attacks, can considerably damage an enemy but are vulnerable during longer-lasting battles.

Each Blox's body has six parts: arms, legs, head attack part, body attack part, face, and torso. Bloxes; combat skills depend on arms, legs, horns, and tails. Faces and torsos depend on classes. All six parts of your Blox can be equipped with different items to increase attack or defense qualities.


ActionBlox is an upcoming MMORPG, planned to be released in 2023. In this game, you can explore the OpenBlox ecosystem with friends or guild partners.


Expected to be released in 2023, LandBlox is an upcoming farming-style game where you can grow, explore, and conquer. The game will be closely connected to the whole Openblox ecosystem. For example, in LandBlox, you can plant seeds won in battles in RogueBlox, and use the grown fruits to recover health in ActionBlox and RogueBlox.


There are two types of tokens in the OpenBlox ecosystem: $OBX, the platform token, in-game tokens ($RGL and $RUX)


This token governance token is used for staking and breeding Bloxes.

$RUX (RunBlox)

This token is used for:

  • Energy Recharge (Repair)
  • Leveling up NFT
  • MINT fees
  • NFT enhancement
$RGL (RogueBlox)

This token can be used in the game for extra battle experience and outside the game to acquire unique NFTs and breeding ($RGL will be burned after breeding).

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