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Released on May, 2022

Designed by Champion Games in 2021, MetaSoccer is the first P2E soccer, where gamers can make the most of this sport in a completely realistic way. For instance, they have opportunities to manage their clubs, scout, train, and trade talents within the metaverse, or bet while earning crypto.

Minimum NFT requirement

11 Players matching relevant roles, $0,4 worth of MATIC

Minimum investment

18 USD


It's a soccer metaverse, where you can be a club owner or a manager. Thus, you are welcome to:

  • hire and manage personnel;
  • discover new players, sign and transfer players;
  • establish training plans to keep players fit;
  • reason out strategies for each match.

MetaSoccer is a perfect game for guilds, because these responsibilities can be shared among several users.

Current ways to earn

There are some already available ways to earn in Metasoccer. Each of them includes NFT ownership:


1. Earning via matches

Get 11 players for your team. Considering that MetaSoccer Players NFTs are affordable (about $1,7 worth), we advise you to buy your assets. Check the options listed at Prom in the NFT Section of this page.


2. Selling players discovered by sports scouts

Scouts can acquire new players for their owners through the Scouting Process. Mind that you have to pay for scouting new players and each scout has limited capacity (amount of players found).


3. Lending out players to other teams for a limited period (rental will be available at PROM soon)


Let's dive into gaming modes to discover their potential profits.


PvE matches

Player vs. MetaSoccer Environment mode. As a Manager, you can play as many friendly matches as you wish, but, after each match, your players will get tired and more prone to injuries. Thus, the number of daily matches should be balanced with the increasing risks considered.


After each game, players win Skills and lose energy. Depending on the results, they can also win or lose Moral.


Depending on the match's results, you can receive some $MSC — check the table below for detailed values.

Every Monday you'll be airdropped rewards that depend on your week's results.



MetaSoccer’s first tournament, Summer League, will have multiple editions. Each week corresponds to one edition, starting every Tuesday at 8 am UTC and ending Monday at 8 am UTC. Rewards will be distributed on the following Monday after the end of that week’s edition.


All matches in the tournament are played against AI.

To participate, you must enlist a team of 11-16 players. Then you will be forwarded to the division according to your team's overall rating.



Depending on the division you play in, you receive different rewards that upgrade when you uplevel.

If your initial investment is about $18 (approximate floor price for a team of 11 players), you will receive about 9 MSC per game and 45 MSC per day. Check out current MetaSoccer Cash rates here.

According to PROM research made in September 2022, the break-even time is about 130 days.

How to setup a wallet

MetaSoccer is built on Polygon. Thus, you need to add this network to your wallet.


Here are Polygon settings for Metamask:

Network name: Polygon Mainnet


Chain ID: 137

Currency: MATIC



Gas fees

You need have about 0,5 Matic on your wallet. That must be enough to pay gas fees for quite a long time.

How to start playing

You need to have at least 11 players.


You can buy players via Prom or acquire them with the help of scouts.

Players are usually bought with $MSU, which you can get in-game or at any major crypto exchange.



A single scout, depending on their level, can find you 1-6 players.

Information about scouted players is revealed in 6 days.

Characters & Skills

Players' roles vary, indicating positions on the field.

Each player should play their exact role, otherwise, their performance will not be efficient.

When you form a team, you must choose players for exact positions.


Each player has attributes, some of which are fixed, and some can be changed.

All attributes affect a player's OVR (overall rating), and the sum of all players' OVR determines the OVR of your team.


The Condition

In the beginning, each player has 100 % of the condition. After each match this attribute drops by 20, so you can play only 5 matches in a row.

To restore the condition, you must wait 24 hours.

If the condition of the player drops below 20%, they perform worse.


MetaSoccer has two tokens: $MSU and $MSC.


MetaSoccer Universe ($MSU) is an original token of Metasoccer (governance token).


MSU Token Contract:


It is an ERC-20 token used to perform the main actions within the MetaSoccer universe including assets purchases/sales, minting new assets, etc.

Additionally, the $MSU holders can vote for such vital issues as the roadmap development processes and the calculation of DAO funds developers can use monthly.

There is a Token Bonding Curve (TBC) in the game, that controls the token supply, and continuously mints and burns tokens.


Players can earn $MSU by:

  • Winning matches (simulated according to statistics) against other users in the career mode, or against AI in the friendly mode;

  • Finishing the season in the top positions of the league or cup in the career mode;

  • Selling players who have been discovered by scouts;

  • Borrowing players to other teams for a limited period;

  • Charging commissions while selling players;

  • Selling sports scouts mentored by your team;

  • Getting sponsorship contracts as your team gains popularity;

  • Betting;

  • Renting your stadium to other teams;

  • Selling tickets to fans.


MetaSoccer Cash ($MSC) is a secondary token of Metasoccer


MSC Token Contract:


$MSC is used as the main reward for lower divisions and is used in the game for such activities as sending scouts to find players and mentor them. In both cases, $MSU is also required.


All the $MSC tokens spent in-game are burnt.

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