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Released on July, 2022

MetaShooter is the first blockchain-based hunting simulator built on Unreal Engine. It's a full hunting metaverse, where you can buy hunting lands, build towers, breed dogs, explore the hunting world and get realistic experience.

Minimum NFT requirement

Hunting equipment and a hunting license

Minimum investment

10 USD

Current Status And How To Start

The Beta version is now available on Steam, Windows, and macOS (in Q1 2023, the game will also go mobile). Hunter’s dashboard is available on the game’s website so you can access it via your browser.

MetaShooter is free-to-play. However, in order to earn rewards players will require to have Beta-Season Pass. To start, you should buy hunting equipment and a hunting license. Read the “Gameplay” paragraph below to choose the gaming mode and decide what to purchase. The minimum investment may vary: a gun floor price at the moment of writing is about $6, while it’s $500 for a land plot.


MetaShooter is the first and still only hunting metaverse with all it entails. Here you can practice your hunting hobby to the fullest.


You can choose your gaming character: Hunter or Hunting business (you can go with both). You will need guns for hunting or hunting land to develop your business and host activities.

Every 2-3 months, new hunting seasons start. To start hunting, a hunter has to buy a hunting license for a particular animal season. Mind that you have to wait for specific animals to hunt. You will be fined if you hunt animals not included in your purchased seasonal list.

The best part is that hunters can invite their friends and share hunting experiences or work together on hunting rare animals. You can invite up to 5 friends on a hunting trip, host each other in your hunting houses, and share vehicles, towers, and other assets.

Maps And Trophies

MetaShooter island consists of rivers, lakes, forests, swamps, valleys, etc. These world objects are connected to provide an open-world experience. Hunting can take place anywhere in the MetaShooter world: each corner of the map has particular animals and specifications.

For a more realistic experience, the map will feature altitude, destination parameters, danger zones, and more. The player will be able to use the hunters’ map to determine the challenges and prepare for hunting.

The map has 4 regions of Hunt:

  • North
  • MidNorth
  • MidSouth
  • South

The MetaShooter island offers 3 types of animals with different breeds and specialties:

  • Carnivores
  • Herbivores
  • Birds

Hunting will be possible day and night in stormy, rainy, or normal weather conditions. In stormy or night-time conditions, a hunter's chance of catching a rare animal increases due to less crowded hunting zones. However, a hunter will also have to buy better equipment, such as scopes, thermovisors, etc.


Hunters can participate in hunting tournaments and compete for a prize fund. There will be several tournaments depending on hunters' levels. To compete, a player will need to purchase a tournament ticket.

In the beginning, players will be automatically divided into pools. They will have to complete particular challenges. Those, who fail during the given time, will be eliminated, and the last player wins.

There will be 3 types of tournaments:

  • Solo hunting
  • Duos hunting
  • 5 player hunting

Guns And Equipment

Hunters aren't limited to just one piece of hunting equipment. Instead, they have a variety of possibilities for honing their talents and becoming stronger.

Hunting guns have levels and specialties. Each gun has advantages and disadvantages, suitable for different hunting methods and animals. Choose equipment thoughtfully: if you try to hunt with unfit equipment for a particular animal, you will decrease your chances of successful hunting and increase the risks of an animal spotting you, attacking, and damaging your equipment.

Other types of equipment include:

  • Hunting towers that give hunters better visibility and shot range.
  • Vehicles that enable players to reach more extensive distances and hunt for the best trophies in deeper forests, taking additional guns and equipment. Other vehicles, such as motorcycles or quads, can be used in more mountainous areas. In the case of deep forest hunting, a player without a vehicle can fail due to lower stamina and longer travel time. By the way, you can take your gaming partners for a ride, too.
  • Hunting houses that help hunters fulfill stamina, exhibit trophies, and store vehicles.
  • Animal callers, baits, and dogs increase the odds of a successful hunt. Earned trophies can also be used as baits.


The land is required to build towers and houses and host and breed NFT hunting dogs. Currently, there are 100 different lands available. Each land has unique parameters regarding size and suitability for towers, hunting, breeding, and hunting houses.

NFT hunting plots could be in any region, altitude, or map location (where it's possible to purchase them). The price of the hunting land will vary depending on its size and region. If the hunting land is extensive and includes rare or epic animals, it will automatically be more expensive.

A land owner must choose their business strategy, as land can't hold a hunting tower, a house, or a breeding farm together. Mind that a breeding farm and a hunting house will distract animals, decreasing the chances of successful hunting and asset monetization.

How To Earn

The player can sell trophy NFTs via the marketplace or exchange them for MetaShooter NFT equipment or services. Each hunted trophy NFT will have value depending on the caught animal's rarity and condition. For example, if your first shot is not critical and another one is needed, a trophy value will decrease, and you will receive less.

Epic or rare animals bring rewards in MetaShooter (MHUNT) tokens. Another way to receive an MHUNT token reward will be to hunt an animal from a particular region's trophy collection.

You can participate in tournaments where winners will be rewarded with various NFTs and compete for a prize fund collected from entry fees.

You may get passive income by acquiring hunting fields, building towers, breeding NFT dogs, and expanding your business while having fun with the finest games available. Firstly, you can rent your hunting plot to other players for a specific fee. Secondly, if someone hunts down a trophy on your territory, you receive a small percentage of the hunted animal's value. The situation is the same for tower and house owners. Besides, hunting landowners can participate in tournaments by hosting them on their plots. The prize fund will depend on the plot size and animal variety.

You can become a Metashooter supporter by staking MHUNT (more about the token in the Tokenomics paragraph below) to be rewarded in multiple ways: apart from dynamic APY, you will get monthly airdrops, mystery boxes, NFTs, Lands, and assets.


The MetaShooter (MHUNT) token is Polygon-based and will be used as the main currency of the platform. For instance, for all NFT purchases, sales, generation, listing, donations, rewards, and DAO activities.

MHUNT total supply: 95,000,000

Sustainability is maintained, among other things, with several burning mechanics:

  • Animal Trophy NFTs converted into baits, fodder, or appearance will be automatically burned.
  • Tokens from hunting season tickets will be distributed to landowners and the MetaShooter ecosystem. And another part will be burned (percentages depend on volume). Hunting season tickets will be time-limited, and they will be burned after the expiry date.
  • Tokens received from tournament tickets will be distributed to landowners, prize fund winners, MetaShooter ecosystem, and other parts will be burned (percentages depend on volume). Hunting tournament tickets will be time-limited. After the expiry date, they will be burned.

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