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Released on January, 2023

MagicCraft is beginning as a quick action mobile game, offering various play-to-earn opportunities, NFT characters and mini quests within each game. Launching first with 16 main characters, each with different traits, skills, powers and abilities, the MagicCraft world will expand from a MOBA game into a complex and challenging massively multiplayer metaverse experience.

Minimum NFT requirement

Free-to-play mode is available

Minimum investment


Current status and how to start

The game is currently in the Public Beta stage. To join it, you need to download the game via website. It is available for PC, iOS and Android


MagicCraft introduces an innovative turn-based MMORPG military universe where you can play in PvE or PvP modes, earn in-game tokens, receive rewards, and place bets. The game will have an advanced guild system, taxes, and economy. Players may team up and build clans to fight others together. Defeated players drop tokens to the winner's holdings which can be used to improve character stats and purchase NFTs.

To start your journey, you choose a room and join a battle. You can:

  • invite another player for a 1 VS 1 battle;
  • invite up to 40 other players for multiplayer team battles;
  • join an existing battle room set up by another player for team battles.

Each battle game is five minutes long. During it, players should battle to kill enemies while completing mini-quests of rooms.

If a player is killed in battle, they must take a ten-second time-out before respawning, after which their character is moved back to the starting point of the battle game.

There are currently several battle arenas with slightly different layouts, goals, and mini-quests.

Mini Quests

MagicCraft's game currently has three types of mini-quest in each battle arena.

1) Skull Grab

The player must collect as many purple skulls as possible, and the amount they collect within a five-minute game influences their overall score.

A player drops all skulls if killed, and other gamers can steal them.

2) Capture the Points

Three control points are marked as A, B, and C. Players need to capture and hold them as long as they can, defending against enemy attacks. Each successful capture increases a player's score during a five-minute game session.

3) Escort the Golem

The goal is to push the Golem Ball to the final point inside the opposing team's zone. The ball is pushed by entering its sphere and moving along. However, enemies can kill you, get it, and bring it to your zone.

The Castle Sieges

The Castle Sieges mode manifests the play-to-earn focus of the game. Every week, your clan needs to fight with other clans, get some loot, and gain ownership of one of the seven castles, where the King of the castle gets taxes.


There are 9999 Genesis NFT characters, and still, some items are available to mint. The first collection features Warriors, Wizards, and Archers. Each character has different traits, items, weapons, armor, spells, magic scrolls, clothes, attacks, and poses. You can collect these characters as you level up. You are free to trade these collectibles via the NFT marketplace or exchange them for $MCRT.

There are three distinct rarity levels: Rare (89%), Epic (10%), and Legendary(1%). The higher the rarity level of the character, the higher rewards it gets.

How to earn

If you claim the title of the King in the Castle Sieges mode, you can collect taxes in the game native cryptocurrency known as $MCRT (see Tokenomics paragraph below).

Another way to earn is staking, which is suitable for investors and crypto enthusiasts. One can stake $MCRT inside the native pool in exchange for rewards and passive income. Staking inside the platform is unlimited. Thus, users can claim rewards and withdraw their staked tokens at the end of the selected staking period. The bonus yield is supposed to persuade holders into continuous staking and promote a solid balance reward ratio.

In addition, there is a daily tournament with $MCRT prize pool on the official MagicCraft's Telegram channel


The game utility token is $MCRT, used as the primary currency for purchasing and selling items and NFTs. Audited by Certik, the $MCRT token foresees a total circulating supply of 2,200,000,000 and a max supply of 10,000,000,000. The token is available on the BSC, Ethereum, Solana, and Fantom blockchains.

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