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Life Beyond


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Minimum NFT requirement

Discoverer key to have access to Alphas & Betas

Minimum investment

0.15 USD

Current status and how to start

To access all early alpha and beta versions of Life Beyond, players must hold one of the Key NFT from the Origin Collection. Discoverer key (about $0,15), Ape Key, Trooper key or the most valuable one, the Founder Key (about $170). There are many advantages to holding one the OG collection NFTs ranging from IRL events, to in game utilities.


Life Beyond is a potentially limitless Universe set in the future. According to the game lore, it’s the third millennium, and colonies exploring Mars discovered the alien portal. Driven by curiosity, they dive into it and find a brand-new solar system. Humankind landed and named their new land Dolos. Dolos has a rich ecosystem, but new life discovered here may be hostile.

In the beginning, only a few lands were liberated and available to exploit. Agents must collectively accomplish a series of expeditions to clear new regions and use them.

Life Beyond is a Sci-Fi OpenWorld MMORPG where players must discover and push the frontiers of an unknown Planet and establish a new society. Players are free to shape it the way they want from full efficient exploitation of the planet's resources to a collective enrichment that respects everyone including life. Not only by having the possibility to shape an entire economic model but also by deciding on their governance system, from small groups of any type, up to areas, more prominent groups, possibly regions, and why not, the entire planet itself. Up to players to shape their path in this emergent World.


Life Beyond has three main directions:

  • PIONEERING. Filled with mysteries to discover, the world’s ecosystem is rich with magnificent landscapes. However, nanotech infections are ravaging the ancient world, and it’s up to you to tame it. Fight against this corruption to clean and conquer new regions.
  • SETTLING. Once conquered, regions can be transformed and distributed into lands, ready to settled by players. What you do with these lands is up to you. Build housing, attract leisure seekers or become an economic powerhouse. As you trade resources and grow your society of pioneers you’ll have to deal with thieves, criminals and always be prepared for a nanobot invasion.
  • GOVERNING. Define the rules of your society. Your society is a living, breathing world. Choose whether to pursue personal wealth and seize control or follow a more democratic route. Hold elections, organize markets, impose taxes, regulate the economy, define policies, and deploy police forces to maintain order.

Items such as weapons and equipment can be purchased or crafted in-game. There will be blueprints indicating what can be made and which elements are needed. Every element has a set of criteria that will work (or not) with others to become a new item with its properties.


Once a Region has been conquered, its Lands are available for sale. Lands come in four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large. Each Land appears on the Dolos map, has its specific coordinates, and will have its distinguishing properties, qualities, and resources.

Each Land is assigned a specific amount of LBToken (see Tokenomics paragraph below) and a 'Minimum Token Emission', releasing an LBToken amount to its owner. The reward may be multiplied depending on the land's number of buildings and services. Next, it is also influenced by the level of engagement, organization, and community cooperation.

Heroes And Roles

Expertise is a specialized skill requiring certain equipment. Thus, one can be:

  • Archaeologist – able to find, excavate and translate writings and symbols of ancient tech.
  • Fighter – greatly enhanced combat ability (there are subsets of Fighter Expertise).
  • Mining Engineer – able to extract and collect underground resources.
  • Gatherer – proficient in managing surface-based resources.
  • Transporter – enhanced ability to move objects, resources, and elements from place to place.
  • Musician – able to produce harmonic vibrations to trigger and use alien technology.
  • Parkourist – able to scale otherwise impossible-to-reach areas and high places.

These are only the first Expertises that Life Beyond will release but there will be many more.


LB Token is an ERC-20 utility token on Polygon (multi-chain in the future), the native in-game currency and the basis for game transactions, including item blueprints, Land, outfits, weapons, and equipment. It's also the predominant currency for the secondary NFT marketplace.

The supply of LB tokens is 1,088,774,211.

Rewards to players go through the community treasury, which collects "tax" from crafting, trading, and primary sales. Part of the treasury will go to stakeholders.

Players can collect LB Tokens via:

  • in-game rewards,
  • completing missions,
  • successful trade via the marketplace,
  • owning Land,
  • social activities and positive cooperation,
  • staking,
  • giveaways and prizes, special deals, and partnerships.

One can use LB Tokens for:

  • in-game purchases (Lands, weapons, etc.),
  • blueprints creation,
  • buying services from other players,
  • stakeholding, governance, and voting.

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