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Legends of Elysium is a fusion of card and board game with fantasy elements. Build your custom deck and strategize your moves to outperform all opponents on the board! You are also free to choose a hero from different races and classes, which lets shaping your game style. Open Alpha is live now!

Minimum NFT requirement


Minimum investment


Current status and how to start

The game will be free-to-play without any entry barrier, so no initial investment is needed. The Open Beta is expected in Q3/Q4 of 2023. Now everybody can participate in Open Alpha Testnet via this link. Built on the Unity engine, Legend of Elysium runs on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon. Thus, you should have a MetaMask wallet. $LOE, the token of the game, will be integrated into EVM-compatibles blockchains.


The gameplay is unique and unseen in Web 3 space. Legends of Elysium is a card and board game fusion that brings infinite strategic possibilities during the battle. Inspired by Hearthstone, Gods Unchained, and Neuroshima Hex, it takes the best of these games to shape the fantasy world of Elysium.

While playing, you get a set of cards, each with its properties and special abilities. At the beginning of the game, you have only your Hero set on board. Players draw cards from their decks and use them to defeat enemies and Heroes. When any Hero is eliminated, the game is over.

Also we recommend you to watch the official game overview here

Heroes and cards


To participate in the game, you need to create a Hero representing you on board. In the early phase of the game, three races will be available: Human, Orc, and Dark Elf. Each race has a unique passive skill related to a particular card type. You can create as many Heroes as you want, but the maximum level of each Hero is 50. You should upgrade your Heroes because, with higher levels, they have more HP on the Battlefield.

Each Hero that advances to Level 2 can be minted as an NFT and become fully transferable. To upgrade the level of a Hero, you should use them in battle to gain enough experience.

Your Hero will get more XP if you win the battle. Moreover, if you win the battle with plenty of HP, your XP will be multiplied.

Hero of each race can choose one of the classes. Classes give special passive skills unrelated to units.


Cards are the essential elements of the Legends of Elysium game. They are divided into 3 types: units, spells, and items. Units can be deployed on the game board, spells can be cast during battles, and Heroes can equip items. To play the cards, players must meet the requirements of the particular card, such as MANA cost or LAND type and cost. According to their occurrence, cards can be common, rare, epic, and legendary.

You always have the choice of whether to mint the card or not. If a card does not fit your playstyle, you can omit it and avoid minting. But if you have already minted the card, you can:

  • use it as a part of your deck in the game;
  • sell it via the in-game marketplace or;
  • stake it and receive rewards;
  • burn it to receive the Elytronite required to craft new cards;
  • deposit it into the Guild Vault.

In general, cards can be received by opening Standard, Enchanted or Divine packs, completing Quests, playing in the Adventure mode and in several other ways.


Card packs are items with random cards. Players can open packs to acquire new cards. There are 3 types of packs available in the game: Standard, Enchanted, and Divine.

Standard packs can be acquired by winning in the Adventure and Battlefield modes, completing quests, or via the marketplace. Each Standard pack contains 5 cards. The chance to draw a card is as in the picture below:

Enchanted packs are limited to 1000 packs per each released race. Each Enchanted pack gives a chance for 1 Epic or Legendary card and 4 random cards with chances as in Standard packs. The chance to get an Epic card is 94%, and a Legendary card is 6%.

Divine packs are limited to 100 packs per each released race. Each Divine pack gives a chance for 1 Epic or Legendary card and 4 random cards with chances as in Standard packs. The chance to get an Epic card is 75%, and a Legendary card is 25%.


The NFT cards will be available for staking by the card owners. Each card's value will be determined based on its rarity, and players will earn staking rewards depending on it. Withdrawing cards from staking requires a 7-day unlocking period. During that time, no rewards are distributed. Cards that are staked cannot be used in the players' decks.

NFT Cards that are staked will be available to rent by other players. Each card will have a rental price assigned to it based on its value. Renting a card from the available ones allows the player to use it in his deck temporarily until the renting period is over.

Gaming modes


The League is a multiplayer mode and the primary source of income for players. It is a ranked match where players get points for winning the battle and, as a result, advance to higher levels of the League. However, if a player loses a battle, they lose points from the ranking and get a lower position in the League. At the end of the week, the best players will share the prize pool amongst themselves.

Each player starts the week with 1000 ranking points. They receive ranking points for winning battles and thus increase their ranking, while they lose ranking points for losing battles. Depending on the battle's outcome and the winning Hero's remaining life, a player may gain or lose ranking points, as shown in the table below.


The Adventure is a single-player mode that allows players to explore new races and classes on the latest boards and dive deeper into the lore of Legends of Elysium. It is designed to prepare players for new cards and develop the best possible skills during boss fights while discovering an enticing storyline. With the acquired skills, players will gain an advantage in the other game modes. In addition to the expanded storyline and a chance to get accustomed to new content, Adventures will give players unique cards available only through completing it. Cards, obtained during Adventures, can be used in other game modes in players' decks.


The Tournament is a competitive game mode that will be held in the form of recurring eSports events with commentators and sponsors. There will be different types of tournament systems introduced in the game. To participate in the event, players should purchase an entry Ticket. Top players will get Grand prizes. The types of tournaments will include:

To register for the Tournament, you need a ticket. Tickets will be in the form of NFT (limit 1/player). If seats are limited, tickets for the Tournament will be drawn in a lottery. The organizers may choose to allocate special tickets granting entry to the Tournament based on criteria other than a random draw. Special tickets may be awarded by the organizers manually or automatically by setting appropriate modifiable standards.


The Battlefield is a competitive mode in which players pay an entry fee to participate in a tournament-style battle. Players compete with each other with decks built through a draft method for a chance to win the rewards. Each player can compete on the Battlefield until they lose 2 lives or defeat all opponents. The Battlefield can be considered a foretaste of the actual Tournament.

Guild Wars

Guild Wars will provide players with multiple additional features, bringing a competitive edge between communities. Guilds will fight for the glory and other rewards from the Treasury based on their position in the ranking. Cards deposited into the Guild Vault will bring additional revenues to their owners and will be available to borrow for free by other guild members.


Legends of Elysium economy is powered by $LOE. It will be built on EVM compatible blockchain such as Polygon. As technology evolves, $LOE token will become available on multiple blockchains. Keep in mind that some gas fees will be taken when you interact with the blockchain. You can see the tokenomics below:

The primary purpose of the $LOE tokens is to enable an in-game currency and governance. Players can use $LOE to purchase an object from the marketplace or in-game store, mint a new card, stake or borrow an NFT, and vote in the governance on important game decisions and the direction of game development.

$LOE token will also be distributed to players as a reward for completing achievements and daily quests, competing in League and cyclical eSports Tournaments, and a few more described below in the picture.

$LOE token will have the following utility:

  • purchasing Standard, Enchanted and Divine Card Packs and game Boards;
  • upgrading Hero Level once they reach the required experience;
  • staking tokens in Mines to boost card statistics;
  • paying for transactions in the Marketplace and in-game Store;
  • crafting new Cards from Elytronite and tokens;
  • rewarding both Free-To-Play and Play-To-Earn Players receiving rewards from staking NFTs;
  • rewarding players (Daily Quests, Weekly League, eSports Tournaments, Game Boards);
  • paying rental fees for borrowed NFT cards;
  • voting in the governance of Legends of Elysium;
  • paying entry fees to participate in eSport Tournaments and Battlefield mode;
  • rewarding for referral program;
  • betting on the battle outcome.
How To Earn

Since the game has yet to be released, everything is subject to change. But as for now, there are four main ways to earn in Legends of Elysium:

  • play and earn rewards in $LOE by competing in League & Tournaments;
  • play, obtain the cards, and sell them;
  • stake the cards and get the rewards;
  • upgrade your Hero to earn more from Daily Quests and unlock new features.

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