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With its promising gameplay and high-immersive visual graphics, Illivium is one of the most awaited Web3 games. This is a fantastic world, inhabited by Illuvials, legendary beasts with different strengths and talents. Gamers are welcome to roleplay as survivors, explore lands, capture Illuvials, and battle.

Minimum NFT requirement


Minimum investment


Current Status & How to Start

Currently, you can access Illuvium's Private Beta. For this, you should fill out a form at Consider that the game is still developing, so something can be subject to change.

Game Structure & Gameplay

The sci-fi adventure consists of three closely connected parts: the Illuvium Arena, Illuvium Zero, and the Illuvium Overworld.

The Ascended Arena

This PvE Survival Autobattler part of the game is already available for playing. You will battle against increasingly intense Illuvials (learn about them in the 'Types of NFTs' paragraph). The main goal is to stay alive for as long as you can.

Illuvium Zero

This is a mobile and desktop companion game where you manage Illuvium Land NFTs that can be used to build a digital industrial complex, extract resources, create NFT blueprints, and reap the rewards. All Illuvium games require fuel that can be extracted from the Illuvium Land.

The Illuvium Overworld

This is the central part of the game, where you will be playing as a survivor of an intergalactic fleet vessel, traveling around and collecting Illuvials.

In the beginning, you select a Polymorphic Subordinate Drone and start exploring various regions. During the adventure, you will encounter Illuvials that you can fight (precisely the same way as in the Arena mode).

You can capture Illuvials with a Shard and make them yours. Remember that free Shards can help you to get the least powerful Illuvials.

There are many regions to explore, but most will be accessible after the launch. Over time, players will unlock Obelisks, allowing traveling and meeting new Illuvials to battle and collect. Adventures require resources. Thus, owning lands in Illuvium Zero will be helpful.

Types of NFTs

The game is rich in NFT types. They include Illuvials, Lands, Illuvitars and more.


Mutated after the radiation, 100+ Illuvials have unique abilities and different rarities. You can acquire them in the game or via

Each Illuvial has an affinity to one of 5 elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Air, and Nature. The most powerful ones have affinities with two different elements (Frost = Air + Water) or a stronger bond with a single element (Inferno = Fire + Fire). Make sure your team is strategically chosen. For example, an Illuvial with Overgrowth Affinity (Nature + Nature) would have a severe disadvantage in combat with an Inferno Illuvial.

Apart from elements, Illuvials can be classified as Fighters, Guardians, Rogues, Psions, and Empaths. Consider their classes when making teams. The most powerful creatures may embody two classes simultaneously. For instance, a Slayer can be a Fighter and a Rogue. Next, they can become more potent in the same class. For instance, an Invoker is like a double Psion.

Illuvials can have Synergies, relationships with each other depending on their affinities or classes. With a Hybrid Synergy System, Illuvials are stronger when working as a team in the Battle Arena, so collect synergising pairs to maximize your chance of victory. Different synergies bring bonuses, allowing you to outplay your opponents, even if they initially have more powerful Illuvials.

Illuvials become stronger through combats. One more way to get a more powerful beast is Fusion. It allows merging multiple Illuvials of the same type into a stronger creature with different attributes, sometimes belonging to a completely different Class or Type.

Illuvials are stored in Shards. The more powerful an Illuvial is, the stronger Shard you must have to capture this creature. Otherwise, you risk losing it forever.

Illuvium Lands

You can play the game on free Land, but owning one or more Land plots sufficiently increases your earning potential. Illuvium Land is an NFT that produces more NFTs and tokens. Meanwhile, you can manage it in the companion game called Illuvium Zero. Owners extract Fuel from their Lands and sell it for ETH. Next, it will be used as a currency in all future Illuvium game releases.

There are five tiers of Illuvium Land. Higher ones represent increasing rarity and higher Resource generation. Tier 3 and 4 Lands also feature rare Landmarks that significantly boost Resource production. Tier 5 Land features a legendary Arena that will host official Illuvium esports tournaments. The following table defines the number of Element Sites, the number of Fuel Sites, the class of Landmark, and the Production Boost for each tier:

You can scan your Land for Illuvial Biodata and generate rare Blueprint NFTs that will be used for crafting new skins popular at the official market exchange and Landowners can keep blueprint NFTs obtained during the Illuvium Zero: Alpha. This is a reward for early participation.

Mind that there is no limit to how many Land plots you can own. As a landowner, you will be welcome to lend out your plots to other players for profit sharing. This feature is highly anticipated.


llluvitars are configurable avatars used as profile pictures in the Illuvium universe. An Illuvitar can be customized with Headwear, Eyewear, Skin, Bodywear, and Props. Such accessories are not required but add some personal vibe to your Illuvitar. Some items are rare and only available from in-game drops.


Fuel is required for all in-game transactions, such as traveling to different regions, fixing shards, fusing Illuvials, and forging equipment and armor. It can be extracted by Landowners and sold for ETH. Landowners also earn 5% of the total revenue from in-game Fuel purchases.


Shards are one of the most important game items because outplayed Illuvials cannot be captured without them. We recommend having a few before venturing into the world. Like most elements in the game, Shards vary. The stronger an Illuvial you encounter, the stronger Shard you need to capture it. The quality of the Shard you pull from the ground is random, with the most powerful ones being the rarest. You can buy a shard you need as NFTs via the in-game marketplace or Prom.


Illuvials' powers can be boosted with weapons. Your choice of weapons also determines your class and provides additional benefits to your team. Weapons can be sold via Prom.


Armour is your defense against the beasts that you fight. If your armour is too damaged, you shoud wait until it regenerates. Your choice of armour can sway the battle, as each suit has different properties. Armour can be sold via Prom.

How to Earn
  • Earn $ILV tokens as in-game rewards through playing, completing PVE quests, performing special achievements, and win prizes in tournaments and events.
  • Participate in wager on matches in the Leviathan Arena, a PVP Battle Arena where players can battle each other to prove who is the strongest Ranger on Illuvium.
  • Sell and trade captured Illuvials, farmed materials, lands and other collectable/crafted NFT item on marketplaces.

Illuvium has two tokens: ILV and sILV2. ILV is the Ethereum blockchain-based governance token, whereas sILV2 is an in-game earned token used for playing and purchasing accessories. Explore the detailed tokenomics:

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