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FishVerse is a revolutionary AAA type mobile fishing game that is decentralized and built on blockchain technology.

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Current Status And How To Start

The Fishverse is in development, but the mobile game demo version is supposed to be in Q2-Q3 2023. To start playing, you will download the game for Android, macOS, Windows, or iOS and get an account. Additionally, you will need an EVM-based wallet for storing your assets and tokens (we recommend MetaMask). After that, you must create your character and purchase some fishing equipment.


The Fishverse is an open-world game where you should travel between 3 islands and catch fish. One can play as the Fisher (Angler), the Fish Breeder, or make the most of these two roles simultaneously.

Open World Fishing

Fishing starts from shore or bridge where an angler can walk and change fishing positions. For catch efficiency, fishers can buy NFT boats where anglers can change locations and travel further distances for more extensive and valuable catches.

You can fish in any weather conditions. Each kind of weather has a unique set of benefits and drawbacks. For example, in stormy weather conditions, only anglers possessing the greatest gear will be able to successfully navigate hazardous weather conditions and pull in the most valuable hauls of fish. Fishing rods have durability levels, and an angler must also consider that. For example, if an angler goes sea fishing with a spinning fishing rod, the equipment will not handle a bigger fish load and will break. The most valuable NFT fish trophies can be found in deeper water. Thus, it is worth investing in an NFT Fishing Boat designed to go farther and carry more fish.

Metaverse Island

FishVerse island offers three regions of saltwater and freshwater fishing with different fish ecosystems. Fishing can happen in rivers, lakes, seashores, deep seas, valleys, and gulfs. Each corner of the map is full of separate fishes and specifications.

The map has water depth parameters. Anglers can use NFT echolot to determine water depth and go for a better catch.

The map has three regions:

  • North;
  • Middle;
  • South.


There are two types of fish in the game: saltwater, which can be converted into energy fodder, baits, or $S, and freshwater, which can be converted into energy fodder, baits, or $F. By fishing in saltwater, you can catch saltwater fish (saltwater fishing is more complex and late-game focused). By fishing in freshwater, you can catch freshwater fish (more accessible and more early-game focused). The fish also differs by rarity: common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. The rarity of fish you have caught determines the amount of $S and $F granted and the quality of energy fodder and baits.


Fishing or operating boats (kayaks) in The Fishverse consumes energy. Energy recharges automatically every 6 hours or can be recharged by consuming energy fodder. You must recharge the boat if you use a motorboat to save stamina and reach further distances. The boat can be recharged by $S and $F tokens or after 24hr. Energy fodder and baits can be made from caught fish or bought from Breeders using $FVS.

Game Modes

Free Mode

Players can enjoy open-world fishing with reduced earning possibilities by creating an account on Fisher's dashboard and downloading the game. However, to succeed and progress faster, both the Earn pass and NFT equipment are needed.

Earn Pass

Earn Pass offers increased amounts of $S and $F. Additionally, with Earn Pass, the player is granted $FVS upon completing the daily and weekly missions. This approach enables the player to progress faster and get better NFT equipment. Like in real-life experience, each angler must buy a fishing season ticket every three months to be eligible to profit from fishing.


In the PVP mode, each player selects the sum of $FVS tokens he wants to bet. After choosing the betting amount, players match against similar bets. They compete, and the one who scores more Points during the match, depending on the number and rarity of fish, wins, giving 10% of the bet to the FishVerse ecosystem.

Players are spawned in fishing locations, choose their best NFTs, and prepare the strategy. The match lasts between 5-15 minutes. To win, one needs to be skilled and well-equipped (a lack of skills can be compensated by better equipment).

Players are matched against similar skill and level players. However, in PvP Mode, players with and without the Earn Pass may be matched against each other, giving a massive advantage to the player with the Earn Pass.


Anglers can participate in fishing tournaments, and players will test their equipment abilities and fishing strategy by competing for the prize fund. There will be several tournaments depending on Fisher's level. To compete in a tournament, one needs to get a special ticket.


To breed fish, a farmer has to buy male and female fish. Breeding speed depends on how many NFT fishes (male or female) a fisher will buy. A farmer can purchase fodder or bait converted from caught fish to boost the process. The types of fodder and bait may be common, rare, epic, and legendary. Repair Shop will allow breeders to make their fodders. For this, one needs to buy or catch an NFT fish.

Fish price will depend on a fish tier, with epic and legendary being the most expensive. A breeder can mix various types of fish in his NFT land. You will also be able to breed and combine a wide variety of fish species to produce efficient offspring. If you find a potent mix and create something unique and valuable, you can develop an NFT skin from that combination.



The fishing rods have 6 different rarities:

You must upgrade your fishing rod with $FVS on every five levels (5, 10, 15, 20, 25,30) and with $F and $S on all other levels (1, 2, 3, etc.). Each fishing rod has four stats that players may allocate points after each upgrade:

  • Efficiency (Influences the ability to earn more $S and $F per energy spent);
  • Luck (Increases the likelihood of catching more rare fish);
  • Resilience (Strengthens the durability of your fishing and reduces repair costs);
  • Balance (Decreases the amount of energy used during fishing).

Fishing rods have durability and maximum usage. Durability decreases slightly after each fishing and can be restored with $S or $F. Maximum usage varies depending on the fishing rod rarity (i.e. higher rarity has a higher maximum usage). $ FVS can regenerate the fishing rods' maximum usage once it reaches 0.


Fishverse offers four types of boats depending on speed, durability, parameters, travel range, fish load capacity, battery, and other specs. Batteries for your motor rubber boat, motor metal boat, and fishing ship will need to be recharged, and you will be able to do it at your NFT Land. The tier of the land affects how quickly the boat will replenish its battery. If you possess a Tier 3 NFT Land, your boat will recharge more rapidly than if you have a Tier 1. Players who do not own NFT land will be able to pay a fee and refuel their boats on other players' land, paying small fees to owners. The only boat that does not need recharging is the kayak boat. Instead, you will rely on your stamina to operate the boat. Thus, you will be able to use the boat as long as you can keep your stamina in control.


Within the FishVerse island, over one hundred different NFT lands will be out for sale in strategically pre-placed locations. NFT land can be bought in any region of the island. The price of the land will vary depending on the tier as well as its location. For instance, tier 3 land will only be available along the coast near the ocean, where high-tier activities occur.

The land is necessary for recharging boat batteries, storing boats and fishing equipment, breeding and mixing various fish species, and displaying your caught trophies.

Lands will be divided into three unique tiers:

  • Tier 1: You will own a piece of land. The land will contain a house, allowing you to showcase your many fish trophies. The property will also include a breeding spot where you can raise fish and a dock where you can store and recharge your boat.
  • Tier 2: This tier offers all the benefits of tier 1. In addition, you will unlock the ability to breed fish by uniting two distinct types of fish to produce new, improved offspring. The tier 2 land is more extensive, so you can store one additional boat and speed up the rate at which it recharges.
  • Tier 3: If you choose a tier 3 land, you will be granted all the previous tiers' benefits and the rare privilege of breeding three distinct species of fish, allowing you to create even rarer one-of-a-kind offspring. In conjunction with that, the recharge speed is even faster, and because the land is more extensive, there is another space available for your boat, making the total number of available slots three.

The game has three tokens:

  • $FVS, a governance token
  • $F, and $S – secondary tokens used in-game. In the diagrams below, you can check their utilities.

$FVS Utility

$F and $S Utility

How To Earn

The project is in the stage of development, so any information is subject to change. There are many ways to earn $FVS, but the main ones are fishing to sell fish or winning in PvP or Tournament. Check the details below:

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