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Are you ready to meet Engines of Fury, the first Web 3.0 post-apocalyptic 3D combat & exploration game? Here players will engage in exciting PVE and PVP duels and tournaments, earn tokens and forge NFT items, customize and upgrade champions. EoF team aspiration is to become the first game to bridge the crypto and non-crypto worlds taking what’s expected quality wise in a AAA-like game and carefully introducing standard gamers to the benefits of crypto-gaming.

Minimum NFT requirement

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Current status and how to start

The game is coming in 2023. Currently you can apply for Early Beta Access via the website.


Engines of Fury is a fascinating retro-futuristic world where you can find different types of arenas, champions, bosses, and quests to unlock new abilities, recipes, and battles in PvP and PvE modes.

Available battling modes

1) PvE Boss Fight

You select a boss, difficulty, and weapons that fit your abilities. Suppose you clear the dungeon from computer-controlled enemies. In that case, you win, getting experience (XP), a piece of equipment of some power and rarity, and a slight chance of getting $FURY tokens and/or NFT blueprints. If you lose, you receive a small amount of experience (XP).

2) Co-op PvE Boss Fight

In this mode, you cooperate with friends or randomly selected players based on the character's level & MMR. The rest is the same as for the PvE Boss Fight mode.

3) Arena PvP

You may choose between 1v1, 3v3, or Tournament gameplay mode. To begin, players stake a selected amount of $FURY tokens. Then they match against a randomly selected player(s) based on the stake amount, the character's level & MMR.

In this mode, choosing proper weapons/armor that match your power and abilities is vital. Next, you should play best-of-three sets of fights against other player-controlled characters in the arena.

The first player(s) to reach 0 hit points (HP) loses, and the victorious get one victory point.

To win against opponents, consider the level of your equipment and change them between battles. The first player/team to attain 2 victory points is the winner of a match.


It's important to remember that the game is skill-based. Although the equipment and ability choices provide higher chances of success (they might influence the win), they do not guarantee it. More skilled players have a higher chance of winning.

Engines of Fury gameplay loop:


Players can obtain various items while playing, melee and ranged weapons, armor, and, in later releases, consumable items (such as combat potions, bombs, etc.) and unique cosmetic items (such as arena decorations, clothes, etc.). Each equipment have own rarity and category.

All non-NFT equipment can be obtained by winning PvE Boss Fights and occasional time-limited events. Such equipment has durability.

Acquiring NFT equipment

  • Minting NFTs in-game: Players will have to find matching temporary equipment with blueprints in-game and use $FURY to create an NFT item.
  • Receive airdrops/NFT giveaways by participating in community events.
  • Purchasing from marketplaces.
  • Receiving as rewards from playing PvP tournaments or in other in-game events.

Council Crates

Council crates are special limited quantity NFTs which will be sold on Engines of Fury IGO and can be opened in-game. What’s included in the IGO council crate:

  • A random piece of Season 1 NFT equipment of the same or higher rarity as the crate’s. Each equipment piece has +bonus experience stat and grants a “Councilor” status to the owner of the item which enables special in-game deals, discounts and more. These bonuses are not present on the in-game items - only on those from the council crate.
  • A “Call to arms” ticket which can be used to create a character for free with special equipment.
  • An early access key (meaning NFTs can be acquired earlier and with less competition when the game goes live).
How to earn

There are various ways to get $FURY tokens (more about the token in the Tokenomics paragraph below) in the game:

  1. Earn rewards in $FURY for winning in PvP battles or ranking high in PvE leaderboards and PvP seasons. You also can get NFTs in PvP battles, which can be resold.
  2. Stake tokens in tournaments against other players. A winning player or a team receives a reward of ~95% of the entry stake. The remaining ~5% will go to the treasury and be used for the in-game rewards pool, staking rewards, token burn, and game maintenance.
  3. Resell your NFTs via the marketplace or melt (destroy) them to receive $FURY tokens instead. While playing, you may find NFT Blueprints and mint NFTs to resell.
  4. Complete weekly tasks or participate in various community campaigns.
  5. Help the team: report bugs, bot, or participate in the referral program.


$FURY is the ERC-20 token that powers the economy of Engines of Fury. The token will also have a bridge to other chains - soon to be announced which ones.

$FURY’s utilities include:

  • Rewards,
  • Staking,
  • Forging items (NFTs) with $FURY to improve a hero,
  • Marketplace trades and melting NFTs,
  • Income for arena owners

$FURY will also be used to raise funds for Engines of Fury game development through private and public token sales.

Total Supply: 120,000,000.

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