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Elpis Battle


Released on December, 2021

Built on Binance Smart Chain Blockchain, Elpis Battle is a turn-based game, where groups of players upgrade their teams and explore the fantasy world. Users can earn crypto by completing multiple tasks and trying various roles.

Minimum NFT requirement

4 Heroes

Minimum investment

10 USD


Elpis Battle is a tactical turn-based role-playing game where users should make teams to explore the world and fight to get rewards. There are 7 maps equal to 7 continents. Each of them is divided into stages. You will battle enemies to gain rewards and advance to the next scene.

To win in battles, you can improve your heroes with such additional items as equipment, pets, and consumables.

How to setup a wallet

Elpis Battle is built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Thus, you need to add this network to your wallet.


Here are BSC settings for Metamask:

Network Name: Smart Chain


Chain ID: 56

Currency: BNB


How to earn

In this game you can earn by battling and mining.


You receive different rewards for battles: Coin, eStone, and $MEG. These tokens can be used to upgrade characters and skills. The most important one is $MEG which can be exchanged for $BUSD. So, it is your direct income.


Each account receives 20 energy points daily which is enough for 20 battles.

In the beginning, you can earn 50 $MEG per day (check current rates to USD here) if you play about 3 hours per day.

Mind that the claim is available in 13 days.

On the next tier, you can already earn 200 $MEG per day. This is the maximum amount one may earn daily in Dungeon Mode. The limit resets at 00:00 UTC.


Meanwhile, you can profit from such activities as:

  • NFT or $EBA Staking
  • Lending out NFTs
  • Training other players via scholarship programs.
Maps & Levels

Elpis World has 7 tiers: Beginner, Normal, Nightmare, Hell, Death, Crazy, and Apocalypse. Currently, only Beginner and Normal are available, other levels are coming soon.

Each tier comprises a range of locations that get accessible one by one. There is a list of maps to pass in each location, where players fight against enemies. You get rewards for passing each map.

With each subsequent location and map, the level of enemies increases.

When all locations are explored, a new tier opens up, with stronger enemies and higher earnings.

Heroes & Skills

The game has 7 heroes: Naga, Orc, Demon, Angel, Elf, Dwarf, and Human.

Each hero has 4 default skills: one normal attack, two passive skills, and one ultimate skill.

There is a huge variety of skills, including stun, bleeding, damage reduction, etc. We recommend you to keep at least one hero 1 in your team with the ability to freeze or stun enemies. It will help you to paralyze the enemy for 2 rounds.


Skills have 4 levels of rarity: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

Default skills boost when heroes reach new levels.

With Ultimate Skill, players need Skill Books and $MEG to upgrade.  


Heroes positioning

Any hero, unless it's a leader, can attack only from the front row. In the image below, the hero cannot attack because it is blocked by the other one in the front row.

A leader hero can attack from any position.

The recommended strategy implies positioning the leader hero in the back line.

But, if the leader hero is placed in the front line, you get an additional 10% HP.


Choose your positioning depending on your team's skills and the desired effect.

In the instructions below, "X" signifies a hero, while "_" is an empty space.


+50% SPEED:

XX HP+10%

_ X Physical attack +10%

_ X Speed +50%


+5% ARMOR:

_ X HP+10%

XX Physical Attack +10%

_ X Armor +5%



_ X HP+10%

_ X Physical attack +10%

XX Magic Resistance +10%


Elpis Battle has two tokens: $EBA and $MEG.


$EBA is an original token of Elpis Battle, which can be used to activate some functions in Elpis Battle.

In addition, $EBA is an asset that represents the value of Elpis ecosystem through:

  • Yield Farming. $EBA is an incentive for early supporters to the ecosystem of Elpis Battle
  • Governance. Users who hold $EBA can vote for the direction development of Elpis Battle
  • Staking. Users who hold $EBA can receive profits from the revenue of Elpis Battle.

$xEBA is an EBA derivative that users can receive after staking EBA tokens into the Ancient Tree pool. When holding xEBA, users automatically receive compound staking rewards. Thus, xEBA tokens are always more valuable than regular EBA tokens because they constantly accumulate the value of EBA tokens from staking.

When stakers want to take back EBA, they can unstake xEBA to restore their EBA. However, there will be a fixed lock-in period of 14 days. So they need to wait at least 14 days to restore EBA to their wallets after unstaking xEBA.


$MEG is in-game currency. During the game. you earn $MEG that can be exchanged for ВUSD, for example, at Pancakeswap and then, if you want, for your local fiat.

Elastic Emission:

  • If the total amount of $MEG earned is 5% less than the total amount of $MEG burned in an epoch, the next Epoch is Expansion.
  • If the total amount of MEG earned is 5% more than total MEG burned in an epoch, the next Epoch is Contraction.

Epoch Expansion: All ingame $MEG rewards is multiplied by 115%

Epoch Contraction: All ingame $MEG rewards is multiplied by 85%

This stabilisation mechanism and supply-demand adaptation help stabilize the price of $MEG. Therefore, the new players can easily participate in Elpis Battle without a high cost-barrier.

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