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Released on December, 2021

DeRace is a realistic horse racing simulator that has a comprehensive NFT ecosystem and enables users to participate in races, gamble, breed, and trade upgraded horses.

Minimum NFT requirement

1 horse

Minimum investment

115 USD


DeRace is a horse racing simulator where users can breed horses, trade them, and compete in races. Horse racing PvP tournaments are the gameplay’s core. To reach the top 3, you must buy a horse and pay an entrance fee.

Three things influence the race outcome:

  • Hidden stats such as speed, stamina, or reaction time
  • Race settings such as furlongs (distance) and terrain (Paradise Hills, Emerald Gardens, Greenfield)
  • RNG (Random Number Generator). The race process is automatic and has a random ending. That adds a bit of spice and abruptness to the races.

So, good stats don’t guarantee constant victories. However, they increase chances to perform well.

Key Features

  • NFT horses. One of a kind racehorses that differ in both traits (rarity, performance, cool-down time) and visual appearances.
  • Horse races. Horse races are based on RNG technology. The winner gets % of all participant fees and additional prizes
  • Horse breeding. Corresponding NFT horse genetics. Breeding via Genetic Algorithm and Ethereum Smart Contract
  • NFT Hippodromes. Horse races take place in hippodromes. Hippodrome owners manage the hippodrome and take a % from all the entrance fees
  • Tournaments. Sponsored horse racing events with additional prizes from partners.
  • Horse rental system. Horse owners can rent their NFT horses securely to other players and earn rental fees. 2 types of rentals: rent-to-breed and rent-to-race
  • NFT horse wearables. Equip your NFT horses with items such as saddles, horseshoes and others to unlock additional gameplay opportunities
  • Sustainable P2E model. Immerse yourself into the DeRace metaverse and get rewarded for your in-game activity by completing missions and unlocking achievements
  • Multiplier races. These races pop up randomly, so keep your eyes on the ‘Races’ section, because the prize pool will be X2.
How to Start

To start playing, you need at least one horse (an NFT costs 0,05eth, about $90) and 100 $DERC tokens (about $23) for in-game needs. To enter the game, you need to deposit NFTs and other tokens to the

To get $DERC, you can use Uniswap or another DEX. Token is also listed on KuCoin, Gate and other centralized exchanges. If you have other tokens (USDT or MATIC) on the Polygon network in your MetaMask wallet (DeRace also supports KipBeet wallet and Wallet Connect), you can swap them there. Learn the details here.

Gas Fees Gas fees on the Polygon chain are paid in MATIC. $1 worth of MATIC will be enough for a long time.

NFT Horses

DeRace NFT horses are 100% unique and have different characteristics that define their rarity, performance, and cool-down time. Five tiers determine a horse's rarity: Olympian, Demi-God, Alfa, Beta, and Omega (Olympian being the rarest, while Omega is most common).

Every NFT horse has a set of visible (sex, color, shape, breed) and hidden characteristics.

Hidden parameters of NFT Horses:

Reaction time. Indicates how quickly your horse is ready to leave the start gate to start the race. Speed. Determines the maximum potential speed at which your horse can race. Stamina. Determines how long a horse can maintain a certain speed. Surface preferences. Each horse has a preferred race track surface: mud, turf, or synthetic. Speed and stamina parameters on these surfaces are different.

Additional Racing Mechanics

DeRace NFT horses are very competitive: they all want to win the race!

Horses trailing the lead horse get extra momentum because they all want to catch up. As soon as the distance between the lead horse and the others decreases, the winning horse also receives an extra boost as IT doesn't want to surrender.

Caution: Know Your Horse

Although the hidden parameters influence the chances of winning, they still don't guarantee victories. Even a top-rated horse can have a bad day, and a lower-rated horse can be the first to cross the finish line.

However, to increase your NFT horse's chances of winning, you must figure out their characteristics and preferred surface.

Tracks Types


  • Track length: 8 furlongs
  • Track surface: Dirt
  • Races: 2–7 furlongs
  • Stamina consumption: High


Stamina consumption on this track is the highest compared to other surfaces, making this hippodrome best suited for horses with increased stamina. Nonetheless, running short distances and making it to the top 3 in this hippodrome is also achievable for horses with average stamina. Horses with low stamina have little chance of winning on this track.

Paradise Hills

  • Track length: 12 furlongs

  • Track surface: Synthetic

  • Races: 2–11 furlongs

  • Stamina consumption: Medium


Stamina consumption is medium. Thus, this hippodrome is well-suited for horses with average to high stamina. All horses can reach their peak potential in short distances on the synthetic surface. You can also use this location to test stamina since its consumption decreases continuously throughout the race.

Emerald Gardens

  • Track length: 16 furlongs
  • Track surface: Turf
  • Races: 5–15 furlongs
  • Stamina consumption: Low


Emerald Gardens hippodrome has a turf surface and the lowest stamina consumption. Thus, it fits horses of any stamina level. Long-distance races in Emerald Gardens are perfect for horses with medium to high stamina levels. In this case, the main thing is speed!

Sakura Path

  • Track length: 8 furlongs
  • Track surface: Turf
  • Races: 2–7 furlongs
  • Stamina consumption: Low

Northern Lights

  • Track length: 15 furlongs
  • Track surface: Synthetic
  • Races: 2–14 furlongs
  • Stamina consumption: Medium
How To Earn

$DERC LP Staking. Stakers will share DeRace Jockey NFTs, Sugar Cubes, NFT Chests, NFT Keys and DeRace Jockey Club avatars which grant a part of DJC hippodrome.

$DERC Staking. Stake $DERC to earn Liquid Love NFT which fuels the breeding process in the DeRace metaverse.

NFT Trading. You can trade, rent your NFTs via the marketplace. Also you can breed your horses and then sell them. Also there is a rental functions.

Getting rewards during the game. The same race is accessible for 12 horses. To participate, you need to pay an entry fee. The winner gets a % of all participant fees and additional prizes. The rewards are distributed automatically to the winners a few minutes after the race. The game has no free-to-play modes and guaranteed earnings. You join a 12-person race where the top 3 places receive rewards made of entry fees. The payback period is hard to determine because there are no guaranteed rewards.


Sugar Cube

Sugar Cube is the fundamental in-game rewards’ unit which is easily exchangeable into the utility NFTs (such as NFT Chests and Keys of various tiers). The main way to collect Sugar Cubes is by accomplishing daily, weekly and monthly missions and by unlocking the achievements: the more difficult the task is — the sweeter the reward!

Basically, Sugar Cubes provide an additional way for players to be rewarded within the DeRace metaverse which does not necessarily focus on the performance of their NFT horses: as long as players remain active and involved in the game they can receive rewards.

After the player has collected the right amount of Sugar Cubes by fully immersing themselves into the DeRace metaverse, they can exchange them into the in-game utility NFTs by purchasing NFT Chests and Keys.


$DERC is fuel to the whole DeRace ecosystem All in-game transactions on the DeRace platform are made exclusively in $DERC, even if displayed in any other crypto or fiat currency. All races, winnings, horses, and item trades are made in DeRace Coins. All the in-game assets are displayed in the selected currency. However, all the transactions are made exclusively in DERC. This approach guarantees constant token volume and circulating supply.

One of DeRace's core user experience philosophies is to provide players with diverse ways to quickly and easily earn DeRace Coins (DERC). All player earnings are paid out only in DeRace coins to increase gamers' interest in following and contributing to the project's success. The main ways to earn DERC include:

  • trading NFT horses;
  • participating in races.

Benefits game developers get from players' victories:

  • higher revenues,
  • the richer player base,
  • engaged players.

Deposits via cryptocurrency or traditional payment methods like a credit card, PayPal, etc., are automatically converted to DeRace Coins (by purchasing them from coin holders), which are used to complete the transaction.

Ethereum contract: 0x9fa69536d1cda4a04cfb50688294de75b505a9ae

BSC contract: 0x373e768f79c820aa441540d254dca6d045c6d25b

Polygon contract: 0xb35fcbcf1fd489fce02ee146599e893fdcdc60e6

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