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Released on May, 2021

Grow stronger and defeat more and more powerful enemies in this RPG that incorporates medieval aesthetics and fantasy elements. If you’re into Game of Thrones vibe, Cryptoblades must appeal to you. Here you can hire epic characters and enhance them with weapons to beat the rivalry and earn SKILL tokens as a reward.

Minimum NFT requirement

1 Character

Minimum investment

12 USD

Current status and how to start

CryptoBlades is available on BNB, Polygon, HECO, OKC, Avax, Aurora, Skale, and CSC. Gas fees, gas tokens, and rewards on each chain differ.


In order to start playing CryptoBlades, a wallet such as MetaMask is needed and must be connected with the game on one of the supported chains. The native token to CryptoBlades, $SKILL, is also necessary to recruit a character and forge a weapon. $SKILL can be purchased from a decentralized exchange like ApeSwap.

Chains and gas fees

Because of CryptoBlades’ decentralized nature, the game logic is mainly on-chain, so gas fees are paid for various transactions including the following:

  • Minting a character;
  • Forging a weapon;
  • Fighting in the adventure mode;
  • Claiming the unclaimed experience of a character.


Every chain has a different gas fee. Below is a table displaying the approximate number of fights a user can complete with $1 USD worth of gas tokens.


CryptoBlades core gameplay focuses on defeating enemies through the Adventure and Raid features to earn $SKILL, $VALOR, and/or NFTs. Players are able to recruit additional characters and forge unique weapons as well as utilize burned characters and weapons to increase the overall power of their NFTs.


Characters and weapons are tradable via Bazaar, the CryptoBlades NFT marketplace, and Prom.


There are 4 in-game elements:

  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Lightning
  • Water

Each character and enemy has an elemental alignment. Weapons and weapon traits also have elemental alignments, but there is also a possibility for a weapon trait to be neutral. Elemental alignment provides a boost when a character utilizes a weapon of the same element and when selecting an enemy of a favorable matchup.

Elements have the following correlation:


Cryptoblades modes include PvE (Adventure), Raids, and PvP (Arena).


In the PvE mode, combat is done by choosing a character, their weapon, and setting the amount of stamina to spend (40, 80, 120, 160, or 200). Then one of the four enemies is chosen to fight. It is important to consider the following when making this selection:

  • Character elemental alignment
  • Weapon elemental alignment
  • Enemy elemental alignment
  • Enemy power

Each aspect influences the result of the fight. The CryptoBlades user interface will display assistance by labeling enemies as either “Very Likely Victory”, “Likely Victory”, “Possible Victory”, or “Unlikely Victory”. After selecting an enemy to fight and approving the transaction, results of the battle are calculated mathematically and a pop-up will show whether the fight was won or lost.


Stamina can be spent in two main ways in combat:

  1. 5 combats each consuming 40 stamina
  • Pro: Multiple chances for victory
  • Con: Gas fees paid for each combat, Time consuming
  1. 1 combat consuming 200 stamina
  • Pro: One fifth the gas expense, Less time consuming, Five times the rewards for winning
  • Con: Only one chance for victory

To participate in a raid, both a character and weapon must be committed within the Raid mode. There is typically a stamina cost to the committed character and durability cost to the committed weapon that can vary depending on the chain and any events running. When considering whether or not to commit characters and weapons to a raid, the following should be evaluated:

  • The time the raid will start
  • The raid boss power
  • The total committed power of all raiders
  • The potential rewards for raiding

In the PvP mode (Arena), characters are able to enter the arena against users across the world and combat in the same format as in the PvE. However, SKILL is needed as a wager for these fights. PvP is not always available on all chains.


CryptoBlades users may have a maximum of four characters in their team, but may hold an unlimited number of characters in their garrison. Characters in the garrison are unplayable until they are moved back to the plaza where the character roster resides.

Each CryptoBlades character starts at level one with a random element upon minting (Fire, Lightning, Earth, or Water). It is, however, possible to change a character’s elemental alignment by using an element change potion from the SKILL shop.

For every fight, characters earn XP which can be claimed and used to upgrade the character’s level, determining their power during combat calculations and the $SKILL payouts.


Each character has a Stamina pool with a maximum of 200. One Stamina regenerates every five minutes. Thus, in 24 hours, a character can get 288 Stamina (but can't hold over 200). Stamina is spent when the player engages in combat at a rate of 40/80/120/160/200 stamina per fight, depending on the player's selected stamina cost per fight.

Gen1 and Gen2 Characters

Gen1 and Gen2 characters are nearly identical except for a couple of key differences:

  • They have different artwork to make it easy to tell them apart
  • Gen1 characters earn unclaimed SKILL and Gen2 characters earn unclaimed VALOR
  • Gen1 characters are no longer mintable
  • Only Gen1 characters are able to be bridged between chains

CryptoBlades users can hold an unlimited number of weapons. The price of their minting is displayed on the "Forge" button within the Blacksmith.

Weapons can also be purchased on Prom or in the in-game marketplace, Bazaar.

Each forged weapon has a random element and a random rarity denoted by the number of stars it possesses (with a 5-star being the rarest). The weapon's rarity determines the number of attributes it has and the values that these attributes may roll.

All your characters may share one weapon. However, each weapon has a max durability of 20, which limits its usage.

Weapons can be salvaged (burned) to form dust, which is then used to increase the power of other weapons. This does have a SKILL cost to it.


CryptoBlades' native currency is $SKILL which has a maximum supply of 1,000,000. The flow of $SKILL is controlled by the faucets and sinks present in the game. A faucet is an activity that distributes SKILL to players, and a sink is any activity that consumes $SKILL. Due to the limited supply of $SKILL, a balance between them is vital for sustainability.

Current game faucets:

  • Game rewards

The current game sinks:

  • Character recruitment
  • Forging weapons
  • Reforge weapons with dust
  • Upgrading characters with soul
  • Marketplace tax
  • Raid participation


The information on $SKILL earnings relates to gen1 CryptoBlades characters, available at In the Fall of 2022, gen1 characters were retired and all newly minted characters belong to the second generation. As stated above, gen2 characters earn $VALOR and not $SKILL, which can be swapped to $SKILL at a decentralized exchange, like ApeSwap, after claiming.


Oracle informs the game contract about the current dollar value of $SKILL and is used to stabilize the different game functions, such as minting NFTs and fighting payouts to maintain a stable dollar value. The Oracle's purpose is to balance the $SKILL payout gained through combat and minting and reforging costs to the current dollar value of $SKILL. Thus, if the dollar value per $SKILL increases:

  • $SKILL payouts decrease
  • Mint Character costs less $SKILL
  • Mint Weapon costs less $SKILL
  • Reforge costs less $SKILL

As a result, the amount of $SKILL paid out can vary and there is a special multiplier during the claim of $SKILL and $VALOR.

How To Earn

The primary way to earn playing CryptoBlades is to fight in combat and earn $SKILL / $VALOR. Outside of playing the game, it is common for users to increase the value of their NFTs and then sell them via the in-game marketplace, Bazaar, or Prom. CryptoBlades also has opportunities for staking $SKILL, $VALOR, and $KING earnings to earn an additional yield. More can be learned about staking in the CryptoBlades’ wiki.

It is intentionally set up so that if a users plays wisely and wins every battle of the day and uses their full character’s stamina, they can hit a return on investment of 1 weapon and 4 starting characters in about 30 days. Please do research for more precise calculations as the price of $SKILL and $VALOR can be volatile.

Even more information

Check out the CryptoBlades wiki for more information:

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