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Released on January, 2022

Bullieverse is a fantasy metaverse island, designed for gamers and creators. Here you can earn not only by playing, but also by creating your own games and assets.

Minimum NFT requirement

Depends on the game. Necrodemic is free to play. Bear Hunt requires 1 Bull NFT

Minimum investment

50 USD

Current Events

Right now you can join the waitlist of the Necrodemic Fresh Blood Gaming Tournament with a prize pool of 25,000 USD. If you are ready to join this epic battle, then check for more info here

Ecosystem And How To Start

Bullieverse is more than a single game. It is an impressive ecosystem in the realms of Bullieverse island.

To become its citizen, you need to purchase a Bull NFT. As a citizen, you can:

  • Play games
  • Create and publish games
  • Create NFT items

Currently, two games are available: Necrodemic and Bear Hunt (read more about these games in separate paragraphs below). One more game — Long Horn — is awaited in 2023.

To start playing Bear Hunt, you should have an NFT item from the Bullieverse universe, which can be purchased via Prom. Necrodemic currently does not require any NFTs to start.

To join the Bullieverse, you must register on the game website via email and then connect your wallet containing Bull NFT (for the games requiring it).

When you complete the registration, your account window will open, and you will see your purchased Bullieverse NFTs.

Then you choose and download the game. Sign in with the same email you used for the registration.

Bear Hunt

The Bears are classic opponents of the Bulls in the finance world. So in this third-person adventure, you will fight against Bear invaders with special weapons.

The game has several levels the Bulls need to fight their way through. The Bulls need to defeat the bears that protect the outposts from getting to the next level. The game gets progressively more complex, with the final level having the Boss Bear that the Bulls need to defeat.

Winning the game after the launch enabled players to mint Bear NFTs. But now this stage is over, so keep up with the developers’ announcements.


Necrodemic is a third-person action survival game where you must defeat zombie bears to earn essence that can be used to purchase more powerful weapons, ammo, and perks that increase players' chances of survival. The game also has loot box prizes and a daily leaderboard that rewards players.

Necrodemic is currently available on Windows only. After you install and start the game, you will see available modes: the Practice mode and current tournaments. There will be several leaderboard competitions in the single-player mode and special contests for NFT holders. PVP and Co-Op modes are in production.

This game has procedurally generated maps, random enemy spawns, and a lot of random gameplay elements that give a lot of replayability. The enemy types are different. For example, there is the Howler who howls, attracting other enemies and making them move faster. Players have to strategize and think about what to kill first and when because their decisions can affect the outcome.

If you want to learn more about Necrodemic and see the gameplay with various enemies, we recommend this excellent walkthrough by the Bullieverse team.

How To Earn

Generally, there are three ways to make money in Bullieverse:

  • Play games to earn SHELL tokens. Several factors will affect the number of tokens you get, including the number of NFTs held, their rarity, and your Status Level (XP).
  • Create games and distribute them for a fee.
  • Get rewards for participating in tournaments and contests.

There are two tokens available in the Bullieverse — BULL & SHELL.

BULL is the governance token. Three actors generally do interactions with BULL tokens:

  • Bullieverse Foundation: The foundation acts as the incubator platform for the creation engine. As a result, any assets created on the platform will share a portion of its revenues with the foundation. While the initial incarnation of the foundation is a centralized body, over the next few years, it will become a decentralized ecosystem.
  • Staking Pool: It is designed to repay BULL token holders. BULL token holders-players have higher earning potential.
  • Bullieverse Treasury: This actor represents the BULL tokens owned by the foundation that comes from the proceeds of sales of DAO-owned assets with a 12 months lock-up. Proceeds generated through this Treasury will be sold back to the market to pay operational expenses.

SHELL is the upcoming in-game currency.

Players will use SHELL tokens to acquire in-game assets like weapons, special powers, health potions, skins, and other cosmetics. It will act as the currency of the marketplace. SHELL tokens will also be used for play-and-earn rewards and create-to-earn rewards.

The supply of SHELL tokens will be capped at 1,000,000,000,000 tokens for the initial five years and will be used to fund the gaming economy. The Community DAO will govern SHELL token supply.

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