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Inspired by such famous projects as Total War, Age of Empires, Civilization, and Crusader Kings, Blocklords is a medieval grand strategy that combines real-time battles, fantasy lore, and a detailed lineage system.

Minimum NFT requirement

1 Hero, can be claimed for free with Early Access pre-registration

Minimum investment


Current status and how to start

Early Access of Blocklords is coming later this year. Now you can buy Banner Chest to mint 5 Heroes at the game's website.


Blocklords is a medieval story about mighty Kings and Queens, peaceful Farmers, strong Knights, and angry Raiders. Players dive into the world where new bloodlines are tearing the Kingdom apart. Thus, they can show their power, rule the people, and help the Kingdom prosper.


Blocklords is an MMO grand strategy mix of Total War, Age of Empires, and Crusader Kings. The main gameplay of Blocklords consists of 4 parts: FARM, FIGHT, RULE, and CONQUER.


If you don't own a Hero, you will start the game as a Farmer. You can see the world map from the beginning and choose a region to settle in. After that, you play a farm-style game where you work, harvest, build houses, manage animals, etc. You must produce as many resources as possible, craft better items and sell them in the market to gain more.


If you save up enough resources, you can leave your farm behind and build an army, becoming a Raider or a Knight. Raiders can attack innocent Farmers, steal resources from Lords, and cause chaos in villages. Knights obey their Lords and receive a salary for defending Farmers and villages and killing Raiders. If a Knight saves money and makes good decisions, they can become a ruler.


If you make successful decisions in Blocklords and rise through the ranks, you can claim a ruling role of a Lord or a Lady. They control entire regions and directly impact the world and players around you. Lords are responsible for collecting taxes and resources from Farmers (including other players), offering rewards and salaries to Knights, and managing and developing cities and infrastructure. But being a Lord is challenging because people can rebel if the tax is too high, raiders can attack peaceful Farmers, and a rival Lord can show up. Powerful Lords and Ladies who master the art of ruling can form alliances. With the support of at least three other Lords and Ladies, you can achieve the most influential role in the Kingdom and become a King or a Queen.


A King or a Queen is the ultimate role in the Kingdom. Rulers govern nations, which are the most significant territory type in Blocklords. The part of the Rulers includes managing money, national policies, diplomacy, trade agreements, and research available to their armies and regions. You may also choose to start or engage in wars on a national scale. It is vital to have enough resources, weapons, and military knowledge. The ruler and your subjects will receive all the rewards for winning a war.


Unless you start as a Farmer, you will need a Hero to play. Each Hero is unique. You can interact with others, play your role and achieve something bigger to climb the ladder. Depending on your efforts and in-game skill, your Hero’s value will directly correlate with its utility within Blocklords’ asymmetrical economy.


All Heroes have a limited lifetime and must continue their bloodline through heirs to save attributes with the help of the Special Dynasty System that enables players to pass unique characteristics and features of their Heroes through their descendants. Even if your favorite Hero dies, new generations will get and boost their Legacy. Your descendants are Heroes who belong to you upon birth. As they mature, they can be married, hired, and trained as mercenaries or distributed to other leaders and territories. Furthermore, you can exchange these Heroes to get characters with the characteristics you need.

How to earn

According to developers, the more time you play the game, the higher your Hero can get in the game's society. So their attributes will upgrade, and the price will rise. The only way to earn is to sell Heroes or craft new ones through the Dynasty system and then sell them. The game is in the development phase. Thus, everything can change.


Since the game has not been released yet, it is hard to give any precise info about tokenomics. No token has been released, and developers have not revealed any info about it. However, heroes and banners are traded on the marketplace with ETH, IMX, and USDC.

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