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In Big Time, you will play as a time traveler, participating in the greatest adventure ever. Now launched in the early access mode, Big Time pledges various gameplay options: dungeons exploration, quests, fighting against robot pirates and giant insects – all that while collecting rare NFT loot and tokens.

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Current Status and How To Start

Big Time is in the early access phase, so all its aspects can change with the official launch. You can subscribe for early access here and be the first to try the game yourself.

There are four types of Passes, which allow collecting rare utility and cosmetic NFTs at a high drop rate: Gold, Silver, Jade, and Ruby. You can get a Ruby Pass by being active in the Discord community or participating in giveaways.

Game Lore

Paradox Corporate

The story goes in the distant future, where the "Paradox Corporate" (also known as "Big Time") corporation owns Time. Paradox Corporate sells "Time Collisions" that function as lifeboats for the survivors allowing them to live in the past where they can travel incredibly quickly. But the technology that powers the Time Collisions seems to be broken, so Collisions crash into each other and boost the World's End since the walls of time and space collapse. The new generation of heroes is taught in Time's End to battle against Paradox Corporate and save the universe.

Time’s End

Time's End is a land at the End of Space and Time, converted into a refuge center for those fleeing the universe's collapse. It is the best university, museum, and library combo ever built. Time's End holds the repository of all collected knowledge of the universe, providing all facilities to prepare heroes to save Time and the whole universe.


Big Time is a free-to-play multiplayer action RPG game that combines fast-paced action combats and adventures through Time and Space. You can travel through the universe, find new equipment, and complete missions and raids alone or with other players. During your journey, you combat strange creatures and deadly robots and attack them with weapons and class skills.


At the beginning of the game, you can choose one of 4 classes, which will determine your future abilities: Time Warrior, Chronomancer, Quantum Fixer, or Shadowblade.

Time Warrior

The Time Warrior is an aggressive, front-line fighter that uses melee weapons to deliver close-up damage. This class follows the Barbarian style and uses Brute force, Close range, and Tanking in-game.


The Chronomancer is a powerful ranged damage class that uses magic to decimate foes. This class represents the Mage style of play and uses Magic, Ranged attacks, Projectiles, and AOE-damage.

Quantum Fixer

The Quantum Fixer is a masterful support class that heals allies and brings misery to enemies. This class represents the Healer / Support playstyle and uses Heal, Buffs, De-buffs, and Turrets.


The Shadowblade is an agile and stealthy melee fighter, dealing death to enemies. This class represents Ninja / Trapper playstyle and uses Stealth, Speed, Traps, and Damage in-game.

Change Of Classes

Progressing in the game, you will find Pocket Watches that will enable you to change character classes during gameplay. Skills, abilities, and equipment are saved to the Pocket Watch, allowing you to progress through each class with whatever pace and style you prefer.


Big Time offers two types of NFTs in-game: cosmetic and utility NFTs. The latter NFTs enable you to produce, upgrade, and repair in-game items such as rare weapons, armor skins, and the Hourglass, which unlocks token loot. NFTs can be obtained in-game by defeating enemies and will be soon available at

Cosmetic NFTs

Cosmetic NFTs are skins that enhance appearance, sounds, footprints, and particle effects in-game weapons and armor.

Utility NFTs

Utility NFTs are functional items that are placed in your SPACE, consisting of Forges, Armories, and Time Wardens:

  • The Forge is a production center where rare weapon skins can be produced or upgraded.
  • The Armory is one more production center, but for the armor skins.
  • Time Wardens are used to creating, recharging, and upgrading Hourglasses.

The latter are utility NFTs that must be equipped in-game to earn tokens.


SPACE expands your Personal Metaverse, which comes in various rarities and sizes. The larger your SPACE, the more items you can showcase and the more expansions you can add to your pocket universe. The rarity of your SPACE dictates the rarity of the items produced by your Forges, Armories, and Time Wardens. SPACE can be dropped in-game as an NFT through regular gameplay. However, SPACE is not required to play, except for in-game NFTs production.

How To Earn

Due to the game's current state, it is hard to tell which way of earning will guarantee the best rewards. You can find different equipment, consumables, and other stuff – and then sell or upgrade them through your SPACE. Another way of monetization is earning in-game tokens, which will be available after the public launch, as developers state.


A Big Time token will be earned only via playing the game, defeating enemies, and completing quests. The token will never be given away to any employees, sold to investors, or offered through pre-sales. The token will be available as an in-game resource after the global free-to-play game launch. Further details will come soon.

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