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Alien Worlds


Released on December, 2020

Seek your fortune in this sci-fi styled mining experience! Mine on land plots using tools, or get passive income from owning land, or participate in a gameified staking system – the ways of earning are up to you.

Minimum NFT requirement


Minimum investment



In Alien Worlds, you become a miner, exploring space. Your goal is to get Trillium (TLM) on nine planets. TLM is the game's currency.

Each player gets a free mining tool and can choose a planet to explore and mine TLM.

How To Start

To start, you need a WAX account. Its creation requires verification of your email and a deposit of 5 WAXP. You can get them:

  • Paying by card while creating an account.

  • Buying and depositing crypto via Binance or other exchanges.

When your account is ready, you can select a default avatar (male or female; this choice does not affect gameplay) and state a nickname. Then you choose a planet and a specific land plot for mining. We recommend selecting any planet and spot to try the game. Later you can strategically decide, depending on the planets' and lands' characteristics.

You can have your land or mine on someone else's territory and share the yield.

Alien Worlds is free-to-play, so each player gets a free mining tool (a shovel). See it on your home screen:

To mine TLM, click Mine at the top of the page. After that, you will need to submit mine by confirming the transaction with your WAX wallet:

That’s it! You’ve earned your first TLM!

After submitting mine, you will see a countdown with a cooldown time. When it expires, you can mine again.

Remember to claim earned TLM. To do so, find the "Rewards Claims" section on the left side of the home page:

After you click it and confirm the transaction, you will see your total Trillium Balance at the top of the home page.


There are various NFT to collect in the form of cards: equipment, avatars, weapons, land, ore, and minions. Each has utility in the game. For instance, it may provide more mining power or work as a specific weapon. Mining tools are the most important feature: no mining tools, no mining. Tools vary and determine specific strategies contributing to the game's outcome. The statistics are mining power, the possibility of finding NFTs, charge time, and POW (Proof-of-Work). You can use 3 tools at the same time.

Players may find a free mining tool insufficient because its mining powers are minimal. You can purchase more profitable NFTs or redeem some for NFT points (see the paragraph below).

Different tools have different strengths and weaknesses. For example, a Glavor Disc is good for earning NFTs, but a Lucky Drill will mine Trillium more efficiently (you can see mining power in the top left corner of a card):

NFT Power, Redeemable Points and Rank Points

When Explorers mine with "NFT Power" tools, they earn NFT Points redeemable for Alien Worlds NFTs.

Redeemable Points accrue as players mine and can be redeemed for any Alien Worlds' NFTs.

Redeemable NFTs will appear in the "Redeem Window":

At the same time, Explorers are mining and accruing points to redeem NFTs. They are also earning points toward a Rank. Rank points are separate from points that can be redeemed for NFTs.

There are ten Rank levels. Explorers start at level 1, or "Novice", and can grow to level 10, "Oshi Initiate". Every time a player's Rank Points reach a new level, their hard work will be rewarded with a Rank NFT. These NFTs have never before been seen or used in gameplay, and they will have utility throughout Alien Worlds:

Mind that mining using tools with no NFT Power (e.g., a shovel) does not accrue NFT points.


The Land in Alien Worlds is part of each of the planets and the base to start mining. Each planet and Land have different characteristics:

  • TLM multiplier determines how much Trillium you will get;
  • NFT Power (former NFT luck multiplier) determines the amount of NFT Points;
  • The charge time multiplier determines how long you will have to wait until mining again;
  • The POW reduction determines how difficult it is to mine the Land. The higher the POW, the easier it is to mine as the waiting time is reduced. For example, lands like Grasslands and Plains are easy to farm but offer low rewards.

You must also mind the commission rate you pay to the landowner.

How To Earn

There are four main ways to earn in Alien Worlds:

  • Mining;
  • Selling found and earned NFTs via marketplaces;
  • Buying a land plot to get passive income;
  • Staking.

If you want to earn by mining in Alien Worlds, choose your strategy:

  • You can mine quickly and often — in this case, you need to stick to the lands with shorter charge time (e.g., plains) and quick charge time tools.
  • You can set up your operation and only come two or three times a day — then land with a higher modifier for the amount of TLM mined (e.g., active volcano), and some explosives may be a good choice.

The total amount of Trillium (TLM) you can mine at once is calculated based on the following formula, which accounts for Land and the tools used:

Mining Power = Land Multiplier * (Sum of Tools' Mining powers)

Mining Reward = Mining Power * Planet's Mining Pot

The total charge time since the last mine is calculated with the following formula:

Charge time = Land Multiplier * (Sum of two longest tools' charge times)


Staking TLM on a planet gives you voting rights and enables you to participate in mining TLM. Other uses of TLM are purchasing items and paying to participate in quests and battles.

The maximum supply of TLM is 10,000,000,000, while the total supply is 5,189,345,239.

The token allocation schedule, as a percentage of the total supply, is as follows:

  • Seed Sale: 13.75%
  • Presale: 6.69%
  • Binance Launchpool: 2.92%
  • External Protocol Development: 3.50%
  • Marketing: 9.24%
  • Alien Worlds Foundation: 13.14%
  • Advisors: 5.35%
  • Team: 14.60%
  • Governance: 3.89%
  • Liquidity Provision: 5.84%
  • Staking Rewards: 3.41%
  • Security Audits: 0.78%
  • Ecosystem Grants: 14.24%
  • Participation Rewards: 2.72%
Where To Learn More

Launched long ago, Alien Worlds has become a massive game with an appropriate fan base and a pretty sophisticated Wiki. Dive into the official knowledge base here.

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