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Low on funds? No need to buy when you can borrow!

Create a vault

Connect your wallet and create a storage for the NFTs you will borrow

Choose your game

Explore games in the Marketplace. Filter by genre, device, and other parameters to find what suits you.

Borrow required NFTs

Learn which NFTs you need to start playing a certain game and borrow them in the Marketplace

Transparent rental

Borrow gaming assets with ease and on transparent conditions to start playing-and-earning right away. Set preferrable price, duration and earnings share and find the most profit-making lots.


SafeVault technology

To start borrowing you will need to create a Vault. It’s a kind of wallet to temporarily store borrowed NFTs. By connecting to a game app with the Vault, you will be able to use the borrowed asset in-game.


New games and communities

Our Game Catalog provides comprehensive information about a game, so you can find some prominent titles which are worth a try. New and rising games can be profitable and we encourage you to explore Game Catalog regularly to try something up-to-date. You can also find the links to your local gaming communities there.


Guides for any tier

Whether you are a skilled gamer or a beginner, web3 gaming can be confusing at first glance. Let PROM be your compass! We are continuously elaborating game guides to help you increase your earning potential. If you see that something is missing feel free to send us requests or to write comments at our Help Center as well as on the preferred social media.



Choose NFTs to start your gaming journey

Find NFTs to borrow


Learn more about borrowing and lending out NFTs on Prom

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